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The Cult Of The Dreaming Lizard A Faction of Bokrug, the Great Water Lizard For Your Old School Campaigns

Out in the wastelands where the rains seldom come many adventurers find communities by clear lakes of water where none should be. Strangely wrought monoliths and odd stones seeming carved by the winds rife with odd carvings have been reared around such places. Adventurers should avoid such places for these are often the domain of followers of
Bokrug, the Great Water Lizard. This ancient god of dream will visit his future priests in dream and send  messages of hope, survival, & clean water in return for clean water.. These are half truths told by the lake-dwelling god of the semi-amphibian Thuum'ha (Beings) of Ib. Almost over night a portal to the realm of the Great Water Lizard will open. A lake of water will appear  filled with alien game & abundant plant life. Those who feed upon this alien bounty will pay a terrible price.

Those who feed from the incredible alien bounty will gain 1d6 mutations such as

bulging eyes, pouting, flabby lips, and curious ears, and will become without voice gaining the telepathic mutation. These places will be marked by idols of Bokrug. Who will demand a blood sacrifice at the end of each month when the moon is gibbous. According to the ancient writings this cult is not of this universe;
"Not far from the gray city of lb did the wandering tribes lay the first stones of Sarnath, and at the beings of lb they marveled greatly. But with their marveling was mixed hate, for they thought it not meet that beings of such aspect should walk about the world of men at dusk. Nor did they like the strange sculptures upon the gray monoliths of Ib, for why those sculptures lingered so late in the world, even until the coming men, none can tell; unless it was because the land of Mnar is very still, and remote from most other lands, both of waking and of dream.

As the men of Sarnath beheld more of the beings of lb their hate grew, and it was not less because they found the beings weak, and soft as jelly to the touch of stones and arrows. So one day the young warriors, the slingers and the spearmen and the bowmen, marched against lb and slew all the inhabitants thereof, pushing the queer bodies into the lake with long spears, because they did not wish to touch them. And because they did not like the gray sculptured monoliths of lb they cast these also into the lake; wondering from the greatness of the labor how ever the stones were brought from afar, as they must have been, since there is naught like them in the land of Mnar or in the lands adjacent." 
Thus of the very ancient city of lb was nothing spared, save the sea-green stone idol chiseled in the likeness of Bokrug, the water-lizard. This the young warriors took back with them as a symbol of conquest over the old gods and beings of Th, and as a sign of leadership in Mnar. "

In the lands of Atlantandria Port City Of Accursed Atlantis these cults are avoided at all cost for their taint & chaotic faith spreads in the wastelands. There are whispers of the ghosts of Ib and mutants of this strain who spread the faith of the Water Lizard far across the planes. They have been appearing with more frequency and are a danger to those who encounter their silent hate filled stares of madness.
The cult is slowly growing and spreading its faith by allowing communities to thrive in the name of their god.  Mage priests of the cult pick from the elemental & the black list of magic and clerics perform miracles in
Bokrug's name. There are also psychics of Bokrug who boadcast his message telepathically and send dreams of madness on the star winds. They await his coming from the lake portals that lead to his realm.  His cults slowly spreads its corruption of chaos and depravity across the wastelands and the stars. His slack jawed flabby psychics and telepathic mutants have been seen in star ports across the universe. They are best avoided as many spacers have disappeared around them never to be seen again.

Taken from the Doom that Came To Sarnath  By HP Lovecraft 1920 Dream Cycle.
Public domain.

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