Thursday, August 18, 2016

Free Swords & Wizardry Resources For Use With Labyrinth Lord As OSR Campaign Fodder

My books that got stolen in '13 by a 'friend'. Sniff.
Ahh don't worry folks I'll be replacing them soon enough.

So last night I took the night off to really look at what really are the differences between Swords & Wizardry side by side with Labyrinth Lord. One of the best links about the subject which was clear cut & not tainted by OSR opinion was this one, How does Swords & Wizardry differ from Labyrinth Lord?. 
This discussion Dragon's Foot has some solid pointers on the subject, Labyrinth Lord or Swords & Wizardry for a Convention Game?
Tales from The Flaming Faggot also has a solid discussion about the short comings & strengths of both systems in RPG Smackdown: Swords & Wizardry vs. Labyrinth Lord. 
So those are a few of the OSR resources that talk about system differences & whatnot. Generally I don't want to go into too much detail about which system might better or which addition might have this or that over the other. Instead I want to talk about the boat load of support that Swords and Wizardry gets & how you can use that to your advantage at your table.

First of all if you haven't seen this thread over at the LL Goblinoid games forum I highly suggest that you take full advantage of some incredibly awesome Free material there.  One of the best sources is the 'Lost In Time' blog for free Swords & Wizardry material and most of this will be coming straight out of there.
The Ancient Crypt of Feng-Hou is a fifteen page dungeon crawl of weirdness & some clever bits. Its a nice beginning to a campaign dungeon romp with a  rumors table, wandering monsters, and more. All in a good little romp to play around with.
Call of the Xul  is a four page mini dungeon with all of the trimmings that makes a lovely intro dungeon romp and has some great twists. Easily one of the simple dungeons on the list to DYI as the DM likes.
Claw’s Depths a simple easily converted one page GONZO dungeon that makes my weirdo DM heart flutter. This dungeon could easily be used as a location adventure in some pulpy space romp or setting as a hex location. Shades of Carcosa anyone?
Splashdown in Fiend’s Fen  is a hex crawl sort of a swamp adventure location with all kinds of features & monsters in the background. Really well done and I liked it.
Trouble in Trollwood is a different themed adventure location centered around a really nicely done Norse theme.
Ynys Bach  is a one page Celtic island adventure location with a few twists and easily a download that can be DYI for D&D as you like.

Finally one of my favorites is a fifteen minute bare bones dungeon that you can stock and use as you like.

So that's all I've got at the moment but when I come across more dear DM's and readers I'll be more then happy to share. For now remember to keep those dice rolling & hope you make your saves.

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