Monday, August 29, 2016

'You will not find it on any map. But you know its name...' 'A Revelry In Torth By Venger Satanis- Actual Play Event

The PC's into tonight's adventure ended up in Aryd's End after trying to track down a member of the Merchants faction a group of post apocalyptic mad scientists & gene splicers. Duvaul is a dirt bag low level black wizard & shadow priest upon whom the adventurers have sworn vengeance some months ago. The party knows that some secret society has been acting as a patron for Duvaul for months but they weren't sure who it was. Meanwhile Duvaul had become infected with a dangerous parasite & ported over to Torth through through a planar spell via a dimensional door scroll. The party's wizard followed quickly on the heels of Duvaul and ended up in Aryd's End instead of the basement summoning circle in the temple where their enemy was. Fortunately they ended up in a back alley instead of the in the middle of the neighborhood. Sorcery and magick has a bit of a bad reputation in the world of Torth.The party after almost buying it with a group of tribal assassins manages to track down our NPC to a local house of a well known noble.

Finally they were able to make heads & tails out of the locals after not seeing a single sun nor a sunrise at all after many hours. The locals went about their business but a cold wind blew across the desert as the party made their way through the streets filled with milling people. Traders, exotic warriors, tradesmen all went about their business. The smell of fried desert rat & other weird food filled the nostrils of the PC's. The PC's were able to meet with Count Indengogilaeg  a  bard & traveling minstrel ( the class is detailed in Revelry In Torth) who is actually a wheeler dealer information broker of the highest caliber. He does give the best details about artifacts, relics,etc but takes them for every penny he can. So after a sizable down payment he gave them the name of the house of Vaugoduangiatu. That got a groan from the players to say the least.

The house of Vaugoduangiatu are a clan of  renegade Drow (these Drow are actually cast off slaves of a race of near god like Elves whom they loath, they settled upon Torth because of the lack of sunlight )  the party has had dust ups before with the Vaugoduangiatu. The house is headed up by the lady Anangla a wealthy widow and trader who specializes in erotic cargoes, high end relics, antiquities, weapon running, and a healthy dose of slavery. Have I mentioned that she's had dealings with the Merchants before and settled in Torth after a lengthy campaign of assassination among certain clans of space pirates. The wrath of  Atlach-Nacha is said to have been visited upon them.  The house has deep ties to that which dwells under
Mount Voormithadreth.

The party made its way into the house grounds where an orgy was in full swing, they were able to make their way to the central rooms and finally figured out that they were in deep trouble. The place was in full gear not for an orgy but a summoning and birth of the parasite! The party was to be the sacrifice! Oh how the tables had turned! The party killed off a few guards & managed to double cross the Merchants by offering the Vaugoduangiatu triple rate for Duvaul's head. The party had no part in the god thing summoning nor the valuable parasite  & so in the middle of the 'fight' the pact was struck. Of course the party is going to triple cross the Vaugoduangiatu with the royal inquisition but they've gotten themselves captured and are now in the king's dungeons as well! The Vaugoduangiatu have made a tidy profit & have payed off certain royal officials to look the other way about the whole affair.

This isn't the first time I've run my version of  Revelry In Torth by Venger Satanis. Torth is a combination of  sword & planet, Robert Howard's Conan, the Lovecraft Mythos, bits of Dune thrown in there, and a whole helping of Biblical weirdness drawn from countless hours of classic movie viewing. The place is a howling alien desert planet in perpetual night with countless factions and aliens at each others throats all centered around the decadence of ancient Torth's technological past. This is how I run the setting and the above factions are all my creation that have been worming their way through my games for years now. Revelry in Torth is a great setting and one that's going to get more air time at my table. The Merchants made their first appearance in my Accursed Atlantis setting under my Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea rules. Tonight's game was a hybrid of fifth edition and those rules which worked out quite well but the crew of players wants to go back to our AD&D 1st edition hybrid. More to come.

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