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1d20 Random Quantum Temporal Ghostly Encounters Table For Your Old School Campaigns

When you die between planes or lost out in the Outer Darkness your soul or life essence spreads across as well is scattered between bits of places of non existence. Echoes, memories, and all of the little things that make up adventurers become not alive or dead. In the wastelands adventurers can encounter these lost souls or worse encounter those whose soul essences have enough will to gathered back together as ghostly planar apparitions.

Other souls are far too powerful to merely be dispersed across the dimensions. These souls are often gathered by the gods and used to form temporary demi planes or domains based on the memories & dreams of the victims. Powerful demon lords have have been known to do this trapping & feeding off of such poor fools for centuries until the soul passes away or is brought to its final reward.
Other souls become dream royalty creating for themselves miniature dream limbos where they become lost within their own illusions of time & dream. Sometimes these fragments & pieces of worlds are encountered by adventurers out in the wastelands. They are echoes that adventurers can encounter. Sometimes they can lead to obsession, affairs of lust, or even the destruction of those who encounter them. There is a 30% chance vs save that a PC might become infected with the planar dream energies that power these ghostly realms. They may become manic or obsessed with recapturing the other dimensional realm or its ghostly ruler. Here then are 1d20 random quantum temporal ghostly encounters.
  1. A knight caught in a repeating cycle of being slain and obsessed with returning to his home world. He will ask if the PC's have heard of his home and then ride to his own destruction. The next night he will be alive and act as if nothing happened. A demon always pursues him. 
  2. An oasis paradise ruled over by a black wizard who keeps his 'niece' a prisoner appears and these two act out a murder over 40,000 years old. The place is a mix of science fantasy technology & weird desert architecture  not seen in a very long time. 
  3. The PC's lost 1d6 hours time as strange lights play about and the scattering flesh of a long lost warrior seems to dance before them. 1d6 cursed golden coins appear. 
  4. A lone wizard's tower appears at night and the place is full of gargoyles who seem to be under the control of a mad black wizard until midnight when they tear him apart. The cycle is repeated nightly across the planes. However within the tower are valuable super science artifacts and relics left behind by past  victims of the gargoyles. 
  5. An alien warrior of an ancient tribe appears mouthing something and then vanishes seconds later when a flash of lightning takes him. A strange wizard takes his place and silently makes warning signs then vanishes into the gloom as well. 
  6. A strange mutant warrior walks past the party smiles and then vanishes into the gloom. 1d6 minor demons follow him but will attack the party. A small golden locket worth 300 gold pieces has been left behind.
  7. An ancient lair of bandits appears in the day light in the form of a cavern of skulls. The bandits will act as if the PC's are not there and they're not but there will be 20,000 gold pieces worth of treasure around but none of the PC's can touch it. They must figure out how and where the treasure has vanished to within the cavern. The apparitions of the bandits will appear if the treasure is disturbed.
  8. A lone adventurer in armor appears and warns the party of the coming demons only to have 1d20 shadow demons come out of every nearby shadow and drag the soul back to the Abyss. He however has managed to leave a map behind. 
  9. A princess has created a beautiful manor and invites the PC's to spend the night. At 1:00 am a strike from the clock signals the appearance of a shadow dragon who wishes to claim her. She will pick up an enchanted sword and murder the dragon but he will kill her. They are eternally locked within this dream of violence and folly. The manor is full of all kinds of antiques and relics. 
  10. A hell cat pursues a man across the wastelands and in his hand is a valuable relic. He can be saved and will give the relic to the PC's. But the hell cat named She'lthu will seek revenge against the PC's. 
  11. A half vampire warrior is recruiting adventurers for a mission to a distant dream realm where his sister is caught between the clicks of a clock to the hour of souls. His sister is in the grip of a sinister group of dream wizards who have locked her soul to their mechanism to power this realm. You must release her and claim the treasures here. 
  12. A lone ghostly wizard appears every hour or so and repeats a continual light spell to keep a demon from devouring his soul. He can not escape his fate but perhaps you can help. 
  13. A lone half demonic warrior is recruiting adventurers to help find his brother lost in a bitter dream realm of a mad wizardress who was in love. The place appears and disolves with the passing of the moon. 
  14. A door way to a dream world appears and is guarded by the dead soul of a warrior whose made it his duty to guard this forbidden place. The door hold back a demon lord but also a great treasure of relics locked in a dream world. 
  15. A lone specter of a violent adventurer appears demands the PC's help him and then vanishes only to appear to attack them. This cycle repeats every four hours or so as the specter appears and vanishes. He guards a sword of magical qualities and died defending it against his greatest enemy. It is valued at 20,000 gold pieces. .
  16. A lone warrior appears to have her throat slit and then blinks across 100 feet as she dies between planes but she has a valuable emerald ring on her hand. Perhaps she could be helped? 
  17. A lone chest appears with demonic guardian on top of it. The chest glows with an unearthly light and there are ghostly figures standing around it. A key protrudes from the lock and seems to beckon. Then the thing vanishes back to the gloom.
  18. A strange man appears and demands money from the PC's and seems to be bleeding. Closer examination makes it clear this man should be dead but he's alive. He shouts at the PC's as two slightly demonic looking thugs appear and haul him away as his screams echo in the planar darkness. He's left a map behind through. 
  19. A black occultist appears before the PC's gestures sardonically and exits into a dimensional door. Dare you follow him as you over hear you PC's names being mentioned by whomever is on the other side of that door?
  20. A mini dungeon and ruins appears to be ruled over by black wizard who died over two thousand years ago. The place is crammed with ancient relics and treasures can you survive the challenge and sport to gather them or will you become another soul bound to this place of ancient dreams?  

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