Sunday, August 21, 2016

Signal Boast for Thaumiel Nerub Of Doom Products

Everyone every now and then go through some bad times and this time a friend of mine has been caught in the crossfire of the back end of a bad time. Thaumiel Nerub Of Doom Products is about to have his power cut off in a day or so. He needs help badly he's got a go fund me page to help with these dire circumstances that he finds himself in.
"Even though we have been unemployed for almost a year, we have managed to survive. Now we are in a big trouble with electricity bill! If we cannot pay it, they will cut down our electricity. We have tried to get the money together, but even social service turned us down.

The electricity is essential for two reasons for us:
1. Our water is dependent on it. There will be no water available without electricity to power the water pump.
2. Without internet and computer job-hunting will be much more harder.

I've tried to find a job, but currently it is not that easy in Finland. I've got several applications sent to all kinds of places, but nothing has catched yet.

Thank you for reading. You are our only hope to make this.

Every donator will receive a DIY thank you card from me :)"


Here's why the most current situation is and what's been happening;"I've also updated my Gofundme goal every time I've received money from other sources (ie. Paypal), so currently the price I need is 443€. And I almost have half of that sitting on my Gofundme account!*

I've sent my supporters my stuff, but because I am so thankful for all the help and support I've received, I decided to make
CRYPT OF DOOM PDF pay-what-you-want.

Yes, the PDF is pay-what-you-want and the print is pay-what-you-want (at cost) So go grab it and let your friends and followers know, that they can get some Patreon supported OSR material basically for free!

Now I continue to enjoy my Sunday. Tomorrow is a new day and new panic, because Tuesday is so close! But today I am happy, thanks for everyone who has remembered me. Thank you so much for everything.

Have a nice Sunday too. I hope you have great time with your family and/or friends. And get some gaming goin'. And hopefully you'll read some Crypt Of Doom and enjoy it!

See you again!"

So I'm doing my part to help out a friend whose in trouble. I hope that you in your heart will find it worth donating some cash his way to help get him back on track.

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