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1d30 Random Infernal Mutations Table For Your Old School Campaigns

S Out in the wastelands those adventurers who survive attacks & encounters with Hellmouths as well as Earthbound demons might develop infernal mutations. Many of these can continue to manifest with a 40% chance of appearing if a save vs wands or spells is not made each time the PC is exposed to dark supernatural forces.

These mutation will mark the NPC or PC as an outcast and the aura of the infernal will hang about the infected like sweat on a horse. Animals and some characters with only one point or less will treat the infected as if they were casting a fear spell unless appropriate saving throws are made. Holy symbols and all of the usual AD&D weaknesses that demons have including holy water and turning affect the PC.

1d30 Random Infernal Mutations Table

  1. The infected skin is a map of scars whorls and weird marking which are actually a part of hellish tapestry of strange underworld locations 
  2. Odd lumps appear on the infected skin, these lumps are actually thousands of tiny mouths with fangs in them. They each do 1d3 points of damage but each time the PC makes an attack they want in on the action. 
  3. An odd sense of doom hangs around the infected there is a 60% chance of random monster being encountered called by the aura of doom. 
  4. The PC's blood is a powerful venom and those attacking must make a save vs poison or be subject to a lingering and very painful death. 
  5. The infected grows wicked claws upon their hands +3 damage for all hand to hand attacks. 
  6. A demon from a dead star is looking out for the PC and they gain 'the devil's own luck and may reroll three random dice rolls. 
  7. Course fur develops on the body but its infected with horrid lice that will bite for 1 point of damage each time PC is exposed to them. 
  8. Bone spurs appear on the PC's knuckles giving them +1 on all hand to hand attacks. 
  9. The PC gains dark vision but gains also gains a weird unnerving colour about their eyes. Those meeting their gaze are subject to fear spell. 
  10. Shark like teeth fill the PC's mouth and can cause 1d6 points of damage with each bite. 
  11. The PC's blood swarms with weird energies and those exposed must make a radiation check
  12. The PC is subject to weird bouts of ancient energies which the PC can project for 1d4 points of damage. 
  13. Crystaline grows pop out across the body of the PC in question. These will act as minor plate armor protecting the mutated. 
  14. The character develops a third crystal eye in the middle of their forehead. This makes the the infected a psychic of some renowned and they will 1d4 random mental mutations. 
  15. The infected body is an other dimensional gateway to the realm of the dead. Each day they may open a gate way to this weird realm 
  16. Hell twin the PC may create a perfect illusionary twin out of cold hell fire the thing will act and move independently of the PC but its touch does 1d6 points of damage. 
  17. The infected is the host of a random insect species that lives under their skin and will act as a swarm for the infected 
  18. Clear skin and bones marks this infected as a poor conductor of electricity but they can light up and even on occasion arch for 1d4 points of damage once every day. 
  19. The brain of the infected glows from within and they gain 1d6 mental mutations. Each time they're used they glow. 
  20. 1d6 random blessed of Cthulhu mutations see appropriate matrix or random charter.
  21. This deep mutation manifests itself as a glowing spine and the PC can summon 1d4 minor undead under they're control.
  22. The infect gets quills all over their bodies. 
  23. The PC's tongue becomes a minor brain and the PC must deal with the random telepathic advise and nit picking but they gain 1d3 mental mutations. 
  24. A weird telepathic alien is growing from the PC's spine; the PC gets an 'advisor' on matters of the esoteric.
  25. The PC's right eye becomes a filter into any nearby universes or the astral. Three times per day the PC can search any nearby dimensions. 
  26. The infected can call down a lightning strike on a position and it can be used twice a day. Air elements are drawn to the PC because of this mutation. 
  27. The infected gains a demonic partner in the form of a small hand. 
  28. The infected's skin becomes a place for the 9,000 names of gods and demons. Once per week the infect may summon a minor undead or demon. 
  29. The infected's body is subject to the whims of the gods and there are various scenes through out history as the infected body becomes a living work of art and various scenes are played out on their skin. 
  30. The infected mind gains 1d8 minor mutations and they gain the 'face of Cthulhu' and sport incredible tendrils around their mouths. 

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