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1d20 Random Adventurers & Traders From The Dream Lands For Your Old School Campaigns

Atlantandria's wastelands border the hyper reality of the dream realms  many travelers & adventurers who frequent the streets are from elsewhere including other realms of existence.
They are the outsiders, the strangers from across the dimensional divide, these outlaws of the outer realms, & they come into the wastelands. The wastelands have given these adventurers & other dimensional vagabonds the perfect opportunity to exploit the divides & cracks between dimensions.

There is a 20% chance that these beings will be carrying some important minor relic or treasure on its way back to the shores of the waking world of the wastelands. Beings who have crossed the threshold will have a 40% chance of being spell casters or some other occult profession.
Many of the adventurers & other professionals who PC's might run across have leaked into Atlantandia through the various dream lands & other ultra physical realms.

Here then are 1d20 random adventurers & traders from the Dream Lands

“By noon Carter reached the jasper terraces of Kiran which slope down to the river's edge and bear that temple of loveliness wherein the King of Ilek-Vad comes from his far realm on the twilight sea once a year in a golden palanquin to pray to the god of Oukranos, who sang to him in youth when he dwelt in a cottage by its banks. All of jasper is that temple, and covering an acre of ground with its walls and courts, its seven pinnacled towers, and its inner shrine where the river enters through hidden channels and the god sings softly in the night. Many times the moon hears strange music as it shines on those courts and terraces and pinnacles, but whether that music be the song of the god or the chant of the cryptical priests, none but the King of Ilek-Vad may say; for only he had entered the temple or seen the priests. Now, in the drowsiness of day, that carven and delicate fane was silent, and Carter heard only the murmur of the great stream and the hum of the birds and bees as he walked onward under the enchanted sun.”
― H.P. Lovecraft, The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath
  1. A warrior astride on a white mutated horse that carries a case of A.I alien and human minds for sale. He deals in weird consciousnesses and odd dreams from alien worlds. 
  2. A wizard of LU whose trade consists of selling  pieces of his mutated & animated skin to other magic wielders. The names of demons, lost souls, and ancient gods are absorbed and recorded on it. He is a 13th level wizard and has a sardonic sense of humor. 
  3. A twelve legged alien scholar whose actually a recruiter for a mercenary outfit battling the forces of chaos throughout time and space. It has several bodies scattered across three universes & it is beholden to a petty lord of law. 
  4. A cleric and trader of dreams of lust and lost loves, he is looking for men and women of stout aspect for a mission to the demon islands to collect valuable dreams of lost lovers. He needs stock for his wares and is willing to pay top dollar for good talent. 
  5. The E'erEw a wizard from the Fourteenth century of Earth whose consciousness merged with another far more alien entity. He seeks to sell dream dram drugs for five gold pieces each and is looking to trade dream crystals for forbidden knowledge to get him to his next dream land port. 
  6. Fabian Cuss  a half ghoul necromancer specializing in the removal and extraction the waking consciousness of great men of knowledge. He is seeking to trade a few magic items for the services of adventurers.
  7. T'Q Chee a half human trader from the shores of Deeleen with cats eyes & a shifty disposition whose looking to trade dream waters and the forbidden scrolls of men of wisdom. He's looking for recruits for a mission to a far off dream land. 
  8. Radmus  a wizard from a distant dream land whose slowly dissolving back into his own space time. He's selling off various gems and crystals of occult power. He is looking for adventurers to help him with a mission to the temple of the gods of Earth. He is a tenth level wizard & has occult power to trade for his mission. 
  9. Qun this alien warrior and trader is suffering from a weird radiation poisoning but it will take years to kill him. He is in the meantime looking for recruits to sell his dream wares for him and has several dreams of wealth and power for sale. He also has his bound demon sword for sale but its tens of thousands of gold pieces and bound into his carapace.
  10. Prince Rodon of Lost Heights this prince from a destroyed dreamland is looking for a new home among the stars. He's got two alien bounty hunters on his trail for a gem he's stolen along the way & wants recruits to help him sell it. 
  11. Car'tru Lu  is a half human vampire like wizard whose selling both her services as a 9th level wizard and dream thief bodyguard. She has stolen twelve minds from several minor black wizards that she intends to trade for the blood of innocence that she needs to feed on. She's between jobs and almost but not quite penny less. 
  12. Lucas The Wise is a recent suicide whose soul has become trapped between dimensions, he's become a wizard because of his adoption by an alien dream wizard. Lucas is a 7th level wizard whose specialty is soul retrieval from distant dream realms and being dead helps him in this. He's looking for body guards and helpers. He's willing to trade a recent spell book of unknown qualities for the services of adventurers. 
  13. Travis Klien a traveling adventurer & conman whose run out of luck ending up in this dream realm. He's got a map and several other baubles he's 'acquired' recently but he's in way over his head here. A 6th level thief & adventurer he's willing to partner with some new 'friends' erm marks. Did I mention the alien bounty hunters working for a sect of demon worshipers who are on his trail. 
  14. Thu  alien bouncer & dream poet who listens, records, and sells the whisper songs of dying wizards & warriors. His abilities allow him create intricate illusions of the lives of others and people pay good money for his services but he wants the poem of the gods of old Earth. He's recruiting adventurers and is willing to trade several dream poems of treasure & adventure for their services. 
  15. Com'ru The Amazing a wizard whose selling the souls of dreamers and fools in bottles. He can help to get them to prophesy for the adventurers & has a number of rare souls. Did I mention he's a 8th level black wizard of deepest dye?
  16. Freu lady cat wizard & adventurer from a distant star whose looking to trade the secrets of her dream universe for a few years worth of life. She will trade one minor magic item for 1d6 years worth of life & experience. She's also looking for recruits for a tomb raid.
  17. Captain Nu'reau a down and out captain of a dream ship whose deep in his cups but willing to trade or sell a few items of alien quality for a few deck hands & adventurers.He's on a mission to take on cargo from a 'black ship' and is in way over his head.
  18. Retru The Deepest Wisdom a wisdom trader from a far away dream world.This being is actually pure energy who trades dreams of wisdom and forbidden knowledge with wizards. It is looking for a certain dream soul and is looking to recruit adventurers to help on a quest across several minor realms of dream.
  19.  A. Sharp dream  sword smith who creates blades of mystical slaying from the dreams of adventure & youth. He is looking to trade his services for tales & dreams of adventurers. He has 1d10 swords available at the moment but his blades will require a favor or two of vary dangerous aspect.
  20. Thi Rio Cross an alien combination of three well known adventurers who were caught by an alien dream wizard & merged into one being. They have become recruiters of others & are looking for adventurers to take on a mission to find the dream tomb of a lost mad god. They have no wish to unmerge & have become very dangerous partners in this new existence.

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