Sunday, August 21, 2016

Meditations On The Free OSR Adventure Resource - Where The Fallen Jarls Sleep By John Turcotte For Old School Campaigns

Something  is stirring & evil stalks the land only your adventurers can purge this horror that has come like a hate from the old times!


I was looking for a quick adventure that I could work into a convention style adventure for the Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea for today. Fortunately I remembered the free adventure by John Turcotte Where The Fallen Jarls Sleep. 
This is an adventure of monstrous happening a malevolence darkens the northern reaches of  The Land of Song. Can your group defeat the evil and bring peace. An adventure for characters of level 3-5.  Yngvar, the old Jarl of the clans calls in the PC's to determine what corruption & evil is causing the lands to become evil. This is an adventure for experienced DM's because its very nature is centered around the undead central to the plot of it. The open ended structure is very well done and will test parties to their very core.

I really liked where this module takes the party, into the heart of a situation that has its mechanism in dynamic action around the events of the module. The artwork is evocative the artwork is very well done by Stefan Poag & Steve Zieser. This module is ripe with sword & sorcery flavor dripping deep with undead. The dead far out number the living, the players are going to need to go over the turning of undead rules for AD&D.Where The Fallen Jarls Sleep is a great adventure that has a bit of everything including evocative random monster encounters, the adventure has some really great ruins, brand new monsters, and draws heavily upon the AD&D Fiend Folio, Uneathed Arcana, and it plays well with these elements. 
Where The Fallen Jarls Sleep is a perfect vehicle adventure for use to let loose the mythological elements of AS&SH's Norsemen. This adventure plays awesomely with the elements of AD&D & its faux Norse mythology with abandoned. Experienced players are going to be needed for this adventure because Where the Fallen Jarls Sleep has some really nasty & unexpected twists to it. For a free adventure this is a deadly little romp that will take adventurers and players by surprise with both its content and delivery. Grab this one and run it with your favorite retroclone or AD&D first edition!

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