Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Rumble In The Tunnel At The Keep On The Borderlands From Last Night's Fantastic Heroes & Witchery Actual Play Event

During last night's game there was some stuff that was becoming evident; all good rides come to an end & now the Keep On The Borderlands is starting to wind down. For one I may lose two of my players because of 'real life' circumstances.  The other factor is no matter how much you might pad out an adventure eventually it comes to an end. But last night all of my players showed up.
So let me catch you up on last week's game and the dust up with the eye collectors. This week's saw the party making their way in the man made tunnel to the Temple of Chaos but ran smack into a party of nine gnolls.
The gnolls  were lead by a shaman who was backed up by a psychic & 3rd level black gnoll wizard. So it took up a good portion of the night battling these bastards. Some heroic action on the part of the party's resident psychic & fae wizard saved the day along with lots of fire power brought to bare on the gnolls caused the gnolls considerable pain.

All of this leads back to the star cult and its machinations to resurrect the humanoid birth chaos mechanism in the caves of chaos. The gnolls warriors that they ran into last night were the product of this mechanism & didn't seem quite done but none the less gave the party what for. After about two hours or so they finally managed to dispatch them. Then whist exploring the rest of the tunnel the Dwarven cleric noticed a funny zipper formation in one of the brick walls last night whist examining the tunnel walls.

Inside were a whole bunch of House Ubhudaac Eld warriors in bio suspension waiting to be let loose on a nearby monastery that the PC's had heard about. These warriors gear was stowed in the sacred ways of their ancestors & they had advanced Eld weapons ready to reign down hell on the settlement at a moment's notice. These Eld are mercenaries who have been raiding Dwarven strongholds across the world. As we shall see there was far more here then met the eye in the chamber. These Eld have a long standing feud with the dwarves.
These mercs were randomly created using the Misty Isles of the Eld from  Chris Kutalik, &

The Ubhudaac house of the Eld left a present for the PC in a nearby pool in the form of a jewel encrusted Dwarven chalice. A spoil of war that that seemed to call the Dwarven priest who after carefully examining it was seized in the tender embraces of Zhaloggosh petty goddess & mother of gray oozes. She is the sometimes lover of Juiblex& is worshiped as part of horrid rites by the Eld. She is often used as a weapon against their enemies especially the Elves of Dark Avalon with whom they have a bitter inner Earth rivalry.

 It took the combined resources and wits of the adventurers; to get the party's Dwarven priest who after tangling with the underwater other dimensional abode of Zhaloggosh. He  nearly died of damage sustained but he recovered the chalice!

Of course one of the play has no idea that while he was recovering from his wounds one  of the other player's PC's namely the acrobat/thief barrowed the chalice that is worth a cool 1,300 gold pieces.

Next week the Caves of Chaos and mini campaign wrap up.

The PC's found plans, maps, & more hidden in a compartment of the on going resurrection of the elemental chaos religion of the caves of chaos as well as the rising up of certain factions of humanoids in the region all back dating to the Keep itself. I used Dark Albion's Cults of Chaos to sketch out the basics of the cult and its aims.

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