Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Commentary On The OSR Retroclone Kickstarter For The Ice Kingdoms By Mad Martian Games

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So there's a new sword and sorcery style retroclone on Kickstarter called Ice Kingdoms; the ideas & concepts are interesting here. The idea of a more generic Ice Age style world for a low magic, high violence sword & sorcery world appeals to me as  a dungeon master. So take a look at  The Ice Kingdoms by Mad Martian Games

The game seems centered around a Viking Norman sword & sorcery era coupled with some of the usual D&D  tropes and set in the background of an Ice Age style world. This looks like the Kickstarter that could & because it appeals to me as a new sword and sorcery style retroclone I thought I'd shed a bit of light on it and raise the signal.
The game world campaign book is described as;"The Ice Kingdoms Campaign Setting, a game setting that is sort of Robert E. Howard Sword and Sorcery meets Vikings. It captures the fantastical aspects of Norse Mythology with some Greek, Arthurian, Celtic, Germanic and Russian Mythology added for flavor. But it is firmly set in a fantasy world."

Another nice aspect is the crossover appeal with your favorite OSR setting or retroclone rules set up:"However the plan is to also include options that include stats and rule conversions to make Ice Kingdoms compatible with other game lines, such as the Open Game License for Wizards of the Coasts 3rd Edition Dungeons and Dragons as well as Pathfinder and other RPGs. Our goals include making versions of  the Ice Kingdoms available to match different open game rules, including OSRIC, For Gold & Glory, Labyrinth Lord and 5E."
One thing I've noticed lately is the cross over of retroclone systems more and more. This is something that's been on going since the beginning of the OSR but lately its really coming into its own lately. This trend is something I hope will continue. Anyhow I hope that this Kickstarter goes well and we'll see the Ice Kingdoms making its debut soon. 

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