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Eight Free OSR Adventure Resources For Lamentations of the Flame Princess, AD&D, & Your Old School Campaigns

I love looking around the internet net you come across so many cool OSR  adventures. Today during a quick search I came across a couple of PDF's I thought I bring to your attention. Many of these can be used with many of the most common retroclone sets including Labyrinth Lord, Lamentations of the Flame Princess, and a few others.
First up is the Wreck of the Anubis from the Dungeon of Sighs blog creator. described by Rpggeek as;"The Wreck of the Anubis is a short, lair style adventure designed for use with Labyrinth Lord or a similar system and set in Patrick Wetmore "Land of 1,000 Towers" home of the Anomalous Subsurface environment. It can conceivably be used in other settings with some modification but was intended as a 1 session locations for placement on a hex map or random encounter table for the Livid Fens, the trackless swamp South of Denethix. It would likely work best with a party of 1-3rd level adventurers, but with slight adjustments I believe The Wreck of the Anubis should scale well."
I've used it a couple of times and it works really well especially for that mix of post apocalyptic science fantasy and dark fantasy.
Next up is  650 Fantasy City Encounter Seeds & Hooks From
These are simply a bunch of drag and drop into your old school campaigns a series of random encounters for urban adventures. They're very well done & easy to use. Simple & very effective at what they do. The Coward's Heart by Gus LaRu  is a necromancy style  magic item of revenge & some very nasty power perfectly suited for Lamentations or Labyrinth Lord. 
Mini Module M1 - The Maze of Death by Mike Walters  is a sort of trip down memory lane from Eighty One. The modules is one of those sort of mini adventures that you would publish when you were a talented ten year old.
Obelisk of Forgotten Memories by Gus LaRu is a very clever & well done mini wilderness romp that gives plenty of dark fantasy & science fantasy elements to it. Described by its author as;"The Obelisk is moderately large outdoor adventure with a small attached dungeon for a party lvls. 1-3.
This adventure was occasioned by my players deciding to take a lark into the wilderness rather than exploring Patrick Wetmore's wonderful megadungeon the Autonomous Subsurface Environment (ASE). It's my own attempt to create another, smaller adventure location that seems reasonable within Pat's world. It contains several elements (guns, ancient technology, God's eye's) that won't make sense outside of ASE, but I suppose it could be run as a simple graveyard based cult-smashing expedition in with a little modification." Once again from the creator of the Dungeon of Sighs blog,do yourself a favor and just down load his entire catalog. Its very well done stuff and easily adaptable to many retroclone systems. 

Dungeon Module B3.5 Palace of Queen Ehlissa

by David Prata  is an adventure for AD&D first edition & set in the world of Greyhawk for characters levels 6 through 30! Its a reconsitution of the Palace of the Silver Princess in a new and very weird way. "An adaptation of B3 Palace of the Silver Princess. This AD&D adventure combines both versions of the original module with the World of Greyhawk legend of Queen Ehlissa and her Marvelous Nightingale."

Finally there's the Cult of the Skin Demon adventure, a nasty & very dangerous romp through with possible overtones as a DCC funnel! Cult of the Skin Demon by Jurgen Mayer  features maps by Dyson Logos who describes the production of the adventure as;"One of my favourite recent maps was Maker’s Hall. I like the multiple paths through the dungeon instead of the raw linear design it may appear to have to PCs on their first pass through it. Plus I like the mix of straight and curved hallways, the detail work, and the funky round room.

And the best part of the whole thing – I’m obviously not alone in this. Jürgen Mayer flagged me over on google+ with a system-neutral adventure he had written using this map and some of the commentary that appeared about it and secret doors in the comments section of the blog."
Cult of the Skin Demon can work as a Lamentations of the Flame Princess or Labyrinth Lord connecting adventure for your favorite cult or demonic horrors in your old school campaigns.
I've used this adventure several times and its a deadly and lethal little romp that can be used as a mid point adventure hook or as a complete funnel for a Dungeon Crawl Classics. Or it will work as a Crawling Under A Broken Moon funnel which I did last year with it when set in the wastelands.

Finally there's the Free DYI Palace of the Silver Princess Remix Adventure which was done by a ton of talented people according to the authors;"G+ indie tabletop gaming community were given one page of the old TSR adventure Palace of the Silver Princess to re-write. None of us communicated with each other about what we were writing, we just had the original dungeon and that was it. The end result is surprisingly coherent and showcases some of the best Weird Indie D&D Talent out there these days."
 Now with a bit of effort & time a DM could take all of these resources & quickly put together an adhoc campaign on the fly centered around the multi dimensional palaces of the silver princesses. The original modules & the fan creations might be creations or versions of the same location scattered across the various prime material planes with the forces of chaos at the center of the locations. Finally the various free dungeons might be side settings and adventure quests created to keep the action going or as a part of greater hex crawl to the palace.

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