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Luriairi The Adventurer's Guild - An Adventurer Location For Your Old School Space Opera

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Luriairi The Adventurer's Guild 

Luriairi are a series of temporary structures that crop up all along the Talon Sector. These are often called the "Spacer's Friend" or "The Fiends of Space" depending upon which group of spacers you ask. 
The Luriairi are an alien race which lost their origins in the mists of time. They offer many travelers food, water, shelter and many other vital services  within the bounds of space.
The services they provide also allow adventurers a safe haven to contact one another. The conditions are some what spartan but serviceable.
Often these enterprising aliens do not charge for their services but rather exact a minor favor or log the service within their records. Debts will often be called in much later on and often involve grey or shady dealings of this race.
Recovery of strange or dangerous artifacts, investigation of alien ruins, or recovery of strange or exotic fuels.
These are just some of the so called "Quests" that these inscrutable insectoids have sent adventurers to recover. The race does not offer these things simply out of a sense of profit for the exploitation of others. There are far deeper agendas at work. The average spacer only sees their beat up capital ships and their temporary space stations attended by robotic humanoids. Occasionally these stations may have an insectoid adminsterator aboard. 

The Luriairi Agenda 
Market analysis  shows the race operating within the bounds of space at a loss. Patterns of their traveling capital class garage ships show a marked search pattern similar to a termite mound's expansion but why? 
Several items of cosmic power have passed through their manipulators only to vanish within the holds of their ships. These are never seen again.
The Luriairi also act as mercenary brokers and traders for others as front men and in all things they are truly neutral. Through the centuries they gather information and shift through generations of such endless quests. But searching for what?
None can say but they have stood against the "Old Ones" and their minions since time immortal.
For the average adventurer they are a welcome site offering a truly neutral ground for all dealings. For a few credits they will offer a safe place to hang their helmets for a few hours.
Legends say that those who break their hospitality are cursed by the "Space Gods". Many a spacer does not have time to test such theories. They are forced out of an air lock long before such.
The average spacer never sees these creatures and they act through ancient battered robotoids. They enact repairs on space craft and most refuels are available through them.
Adventurers can pay the 10% mark up of these traders or more importantly share information for the cost of the deal. The information will be considered "free" meaning that it will be sold to others. Should the information be old or outdated the insects will deem other information.
Failure to pay will result in a psychic geas to be placed upon the person. A minor task that must be completed. There are no exceptions. This might be as simple as bring box A. to point B. There are rumors of spacers so within these creatures debt that they act as agents. Luriairi The Adventurer's Guild  pays over 20% credit value for any artifacts that they deem valuable no questions asked. Should any try to steal from the their vaults these beings may call from vast resources to return such items.
For a 40% up front fee the Luriairi will broker deals between any two parties through proxy robotoids. These A.I. are smooth operators with a minor telepathic circuit and able to communicate with over four million species.

The Luriairi Rumor Mill 

There are as many rumors about the bugs as their are facilities traveling the stars. These include the following: 
  1. "The bugs are actually extinct and only their A.I. continue to move across the face of the stars. Any bugs seen are merely clones unaware of their own race's fate at the hands of the Machine Gods."
  2. "They provide services to spacers as penance for some ancient sin. They're war against the Mythos is merely an ancient fist shaking to the uncaring universe."
  3. "They are amused by the plight of spacers and love to torture in small ways such beings as us. "
  4. "The bugs are the ultimate gamers and we are nothing but pawns in a cosmic game of chess across the planes. Please pass me the oxygen "
  5. "The capital class ships of theirs are actually the Luriairi and the insectoids are merely workers. Look how the robots react every time we're in port." 
  6. "Ever notice that they never run out of parts for ships no matter how old? You know why? Because their nothing more then a front for a cosmic god of Spacers. I'm telling you that its true." 
  7. "I've heard tell of the Luriairi Home Shopping Cosmic Channel where the gods via for the artifacts that they send you out into the galaxy and planes for. That's got to be it.Com'n buy me another and I'll tell ya the rest." 
  8. "There aren't any Luriairi at all. Its all a government front to control are every action and keep tabs on what we're doing. The bugs move across the face of the universe administrating our every move. Why collect all that data? For giant data bases to know it all man. I'm telling you its true.Say you want to buy some dream crystals? What would I try to cheat a star lord such as you?" 
  9. "The Luriairi The Adventurer's Guild is nothing but a cosmic joke backed by demons who want nothing more then to tempt us with their so called services. A vast lump of cosmic poo that we spacers roll in each and every time we pull into one one of their stations. Its a cosmic joke I'm telling you. Only those who hear the Word of Vallen will be saved. What where are you going? I haven't given you the data pamphlet app yet? Come back. Mark my words its nothing more then a pathetic attempt to draw attention to themselves"
  10. "The Luriairi? You want to know about em? I have a star map of their home system my friend and on the words of my many ancestors it shows the ancient storage vaults and vast data storage units of these merchants of space. I can be yours for the right price."

     Lenses: Merchants, Hivemind, Questing, And Neutral 

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