Monday, May 13, 2013

Defiance Television Show - "The Serpent's Egg" -Review & Commentary

Major Spoilers ahead! 
 Tonight's episode of Defiance was very,very interesting and mostly took our characters out of their comfort zones and into the wilds of the Badlands surrounding the town of Defiance.
 We are introduced again to this alien beauty whose being transported to the prison of  Los Vegas.

We are also introduced to this "gentleman" who is very much a part of the past of the "Law keeper's" daughter.

There is some very deep history between these two. A very twisted history of alien rites and weird torture. A series of on edge strangeness with alien BDSM overtones. Very risky stuff for Monday night prime time television actually but done with a bit of a subtle glide.

 The relationship continues to develop between the "Law Keeper" and the lady mayor as a pay off for a rail road sub plot rears its head as well. Then there's the robbery and black ops stuff thrown in. To really get things rolling.

This episode is well done with plot, and subplot switching sides after every commercial break. We get major character development on the part of the Lawkeeper's daughter and the feel of the Old West in the Post Invasion world bit is tamped up.

 In between all of this we are introduced to the forces of the New York and their lady ambassador who sports a polygamous  marriage that would make any DM proud as an interesting twist on the usual PA tropes. She's all the Dragon Lady a DM would need and then some. The episode also introduces a romantic sub plot with the deputy and the Lawkeeper's daughter. 

 A very fast moving, action packed, and kinky episode as well as foreshadowing a major group of baddies for the near future. The show is unraveling very nicely.

  Using the "Serpent's Tooth" As OSR Fodder

 Believe it or not this a great example of how to use three or more subplots racing against each other to introduce your DM's plot hooks.
Each of the characters has secrets and counter secrets which can act as hook, line, and counter sinker. Each of the various elements of this episode ramp up the "Post Apocalyptic West" feel up a notch. The Badlands with the age old western film cliches are right out there in the open.
The weird torture alien rites are very well done for introducing some nice elements of weirdness into a game like Mutant Future. The development of community vs organizational government is very much in keeping with the Mutant Future spirit of the show.
 The mayor and the circumstances that surround Defiance can easily be mirrored in any long term PA game. The various races in the show are all background players waiting to move into the lime light. No NPC ever is entirely a cardboard cut out. The "one that got away" can easily be turned into a returning enemy or an ally for a party.
The evolution of mores and norms as far as marriage and their changing face is something that seems to get ignored in most games but with games like Xplorers, Stars Without Numbers, and other science fantasy retro clones the potential is there to shock or amaze players is there. So is the potential to insult or alienate players. Its a very fine line. Defiance continues to delight and entertain. 

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  1. I'm enjoying the series also, hope it continues to be enjoyable.

  2. Thanks for the comment Bill and I can't wait to see the next episode. More to come my friend!


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