Thursday, May 30, 2013

Using Fish Wife Games Free D30 Industry Loot Table PDF & The D30 Urban Encounters Table With Stars Without Numbers

Thirty Sider Apocalypse: Industry Loot
Fish Wife Games makes a metric ton of material for post apocalyptic gaming and of my favorite recent pieces done by author Dave Woodrum is  this free D30 industry loot table.  The table is mostly made for post apocalyptic gaming but my PC's were exploring a ruined PA planet and my back was up against the wall.
 What exactly was that alien alternative Earth piece of hardware they found? What possibly could this artifact be? Pull out this chart and wham they not only knew what it was but with a quick check of the Stars Without Numbers rule book they knew what they could get for it.
 The material was easily to extrapolate into a useble form from the table. Let's not mention the whole incident with the mutant alien traders though. It seems that the ruined cities they were exploring belonged to the survivors of a long downed industry colony ship.
 The second PA encounter chart that got used tonight was the Urban Encounters D30 table which doubted quite nicely for an abandoned mutated colony ruin. This table got quite the work out this evening.

 Get it Free Right HERE
The fact that it went right along with the interstellar post apocalyptic vibe that I was bringing to the table made the encounters pretty solid and memorable. The whole feel of tonight's one shot reminded me of  the 80's science fiction cult classic  Space Hunter Adventures In The Forbidden Zone. 

Why use Post Apocalyptic D30 Encounter Charts For Science Fiction Gaming
D30 charts give solid encounters and they also give DM's more encounter options. Post Apocalyptic gaming setting for Science fiction games make great stand in settings. Failed colonies, alternative Earths, weird time screw ups, and quick alternatives to spice the usual encounter in sector so and so are all options on the table.
The settings of Fish Wife games are slightly different because they offer a down to Earth and hassle free plug and play options. The fact that these are low cost or down right cheap is an added bonus to the fact that these are good solid tools for a DM to use.
While your mileage may vary these are good products done with an eye for detail and easily used in a wide variety of settings and places. I certainly got some great encounters out of them tonight. 

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