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Review And Commentary - G Core Deluxe Super Hero Game

G Core Deluxe is from Dilly Green Bean Games and it clocks in at seventy one pages of "Generic Classic Marvel Super Heroes" updated, cleaned up, and expanded into a one size fits all game of adventure gaming. The ideas are all there but there given a much more indepth and as a workable system that can be used to play your favorite version of mayhem and table top adventure. 

From The DrivethruRpg add: 
What is G-Core? G-Core is a simple set of rules for use in any genre. Spawned and updated for the modern gamer, G-Core roots come from the original MarvelTM Superheroes Role-Playing Game or more famously known as FASERIP. This ISN'T the original FASERIP nor is it a product of Marvel Comics, but it is 99% compatible with it.
DELUXE offers even MORE than G-Core!
You get:
LOADS of generics including animals and giant seahorses!
Newer core mechanics to make G-Core even MORE player friendly!
Best of all it's 71 pages of full color fun!
ALL sorts of bells and whistles!
Worried about real compatibility? We took a character from the old FASERIP game and changed it to G-Core in less than 20 seconds!

Selling Points: -Easy to learn rules -Kid friendly Complete Rules -including: 1d10 mechanics, powers list, game master support -Only needs a ten-sided die -FULL COLOR -Compatible with FASERIP -LOADS of FREE online FASERIP material -Best of all a LOW cost PDF! ONLY 3.50 USD

If you already own G-Core go to your Files section here and download G-Core DELUXE for FREE! That's right, you get the upgrade for FREE! And if you like it, come on by here and pick up a copy to support the product!
 You can buy it HERE

If your still reading this then your probably into Marvel Super Heroes or you like super hero rpgs. We're going to dive right in.
 A Few Observations: 
  1. This is supposed to be a kid friendly product and that's fine. But the borders are eye sore day glow green. I know that what's 80's back but it made the pdf a bit of a chore to read. That's my only real complaint. 
  2. The system actually does look like it will work very well. The fact that the author actually took the time to not only design but play test the game is a big plus. 
  3. The is a very action oriented revamp of the Classic Marvel Super Heroes game and there is a ton of potential here for moving forward. 
  4. The most confusing aspect of the Marvel Super Hero  system--the saves-- has been completely redone.This is very important and you'll see why. 
This is designed to be a very fun little light super hero game that actually hides a sleek and well presented variation on the Marvel Super Hero game. The fact that the author/designer took G Core and made it hum and work is a damned cool plus. 
Bare in mind that this game is made to be kid friendly which also means that anyone can easily pick this system up. There are differences between the classic Marvel game and G core. 
Things we've updated:
-Talents have now become Special Focus
--Special Focus makes more out of a character's specialities
-Instead of Fighting, Agility, Strength, Endurance, Reason, Intuition, and Psyche we 
now have: Rumble, Agility, Might, Moxie, Smarts, Perception and Spirit.
-The tables are gone! After play testing using a simple ten-sided die, we found a 
better way to make resolutions! By doing this it became MUCH more comic book 
than the previous incarnation.   
-Character Generation has moved into a Point Based creation. It is mapped out to 
avoid confusion. Creation takes around 10 to 15 minutes for adults. 15 to 30 
minutes for younger children. The process, however, is always kept exciting.

There are reasons why this was done. The author is a veteran gamer with background in education. The ideas here are clipped, interesting and fun. While I'm all for adult settings and high end stuff. I'm not adverse to looking into a system that actually focuses ideas into a usable game. This one does that. The five dollar price tag was somewhat pricey but Drivethrurpg is constantly having sales. So get it then.

Does The Game Work? 
 From what I've seen this system is going to be usable and quick as a great stop gap for MRSIP. I'd used this to built a convention set game one shot in a heart beat. The fact that it plays like an action movie is a plus in my book. It isn't trying to replace Marvel Super Heroes but in enhance it. Because its kid friendly there are a lot of folks who are going to use this as an introduction to super hero gaming.. 
Is this something that is going to replace Marvel Super Heroes? Probably not in my library but it blows out the door on expanded material. 
I only had the chance to run a couple of turns with friends. So for extended play I'm not sure where the game stands. However from what I'm seeing there is potential for an extensive campaign using both the author's material and what's available on the net. 
Here is a boat load of free material for the game right over HERE

 As I've said the system works like a well oiled machine but there is a complaint or maybe not. Hire A damned artist to do the covers. I got the fact that this product is trying to evoke a sense of kid friendliness and super hero nostalgia of the 80's and 90's. But your marketability is getting lost with each and every other product that uses this type of art. And there are lots of them. 

Yup that's my only complaint with this product! The art doesn't sell the game or does it. This product has a potential kid friendly audience built in for it and the art might be trying to plug into that. This is a game that deserves to be well marketed. 
War of the Worlds 2010 [G-Core]

This is a labor of love. The rules are well thought out, and designed to actually work. A game that is the following: solid, fast,and reliably. If you need a good  supers game and want something that works like a good solid 90's action movie and plays well for anything from a quick one shot to an extended campaign game.
Check this one out. 

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