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The Highway Men - Hidden Shoals Side Adventure - Stars Without Number Actual Play

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Hidden Shoals Side Adventure
There are places hidden among the planes tucked between the here and now. Star Systems that have been lost to the centuries of transport. The PC's in tonight's game had to deal with such a system. After detecting some ruins in last weeks game.
They found a tight squirt beam transmission coming into the system. The transmission belonged to an Apex Battle Pyramid. The pyramid had been destroyed only now was the transmission being received!
An Apex colony ship was in orbit around the moon of the gas giant!
The PC's ship was running with a stealth pod installed and should they attack well it would have meant they were going to be exposed to the colony ship.
Even as they were trying to decide what to do. An FTL drone fighter came into the system! A quick scan revealed that there were no life forms aboard but some very odd energy signatures aboard.
The drone send out a radio carrier wave  to the colony ship and plotted a direct course for the ship and then remained out side of the hanger of ship for hours! 
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 Running Silent And Running Deep File:E class submarine interior IWM Q 18650.jpg

The PC's played the better part of bravery and watched instead of attacking. There were hundreds of positronic signatures aboard the colony ship revealing that there were all types of androids aboard. The ship was a Delos transport under contract to Apex medical bringing additional personnel to their colony.
 The PC's flew casual instead and came close to the colony ship and the drone. Bursts of radio and sensor activity bounced back and forth between the drone and the colony ship. After a recording the colony ship's A.I. activities. The PC's scanned for additional ships. A second colony ship revealed itself! It was armed with atomic warheads and deadly particle beam weapons. The stealth pod did its job and the party's ship remained undiscovered.
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Out of Sight Out of System. 

The PC's skirted around the gas giant's orbit and went to the opposite side of the planet. They decloaked and began the task of refueling. They got the operation done in a matter of hours. Then headed out. Undetected and unsuspected except for the near run in with some of the gas giant's life forms that is. No energy weapons were used in the dispatching of the life forms. 

The PC's exited the system and engaged the spike drive to get onto their next phase of the mission. They took some days getting through the interstellar hex crawl of the Chasm. They exited the hyper reality drill of the warp and arrived in system to a field of space debris!
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A field of debris belonging to four Apex Battle Pyramids coated in the remains of strange alien radiations! The whole field covered the entire star system!  The party began to scan for any life forms and found none. So they decided to grab as much salvage as they could. They decided to decloak and operations began.
That's when something showed up in system!
The 1d10 Random Space Salvage Table used in tonight's game below

The 1d10 Random Space Salvage Table

  1. Three Small Transport robots badly damaged and need of new motivators. Three fried boards. 400 credits for salvage. A.I Brain still good. 
  2. An Engineering bot with half of its side carbon scored. Most attachments still working. 200 credits 
  3. 4 atomic cells. 40% chance of one of them being unstable and ready to explode for 1d4 points of damage.
  4. 4 crates of dinosaur cybernetic harness systems. Prime condition for colony worlds. 
  5. 5 perfectly good hover cars luxury models. 200 credits worth still in packing cargo containers. 
  6. Two 20 ton terraforming engines manufactured by the Corporates. 40000 credits to a colony world. Need 5 atomic cells to begin operation. Missing computer brains for operation. 
  7. 4 terraforming ecology bots still in born suspension packing. Brand new 4000 credits each Delos manufacturing 
  8. 2 shuttles badly scored and pitted but otherwise operational. 30% of malfunction unless repairs are made. 3000 credits each. 
  9. 3 Domestic androids with a 10% of  hidden military programming. 300 credits each. 
  10. 4 pleasure androids brand new and ready to go. 3000 credits each. These are actually military spy androids and ready to carry out murder/death/kill missions.

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