Sunday, May 5, 2013

Pacific Rim Trailers And Previews

I've been looking so forward to this movie for ages. The trailers are living up to many folks expectations and the mecha designs are top notch. I can't wait to see where this is going. It might be an effects leadened turkey but who cares. Most of the mech heads that I know keep talking about the Giant Robots and Monsters! 

Lets see what caused this mess?! Each and every nation is getting a giant mecha. Very 80's giant robot craze there. 

The Japanese Mech reminds me of some something from first edition Battle Tech or Robotech. Big guns, squared off and capable of dealing some punishment. 

 The USA's looks vaguely Iron Man movieish but this is a pretty sweet mech. Looks as if its the love child of Godzilla and Iron Man. 

The Australian Mech looks like cross between a Valkeryie  And bad ass can opener with missiles.
Crimson Typhoon From China is very interesting and looks like a 90's kid show. These mecha are huge! 

The Russian Cherno Alpha looks very hardware and Eastern Blockisic aspect. Love the pods on the shoulders and head sensors. Looks like something out of Gamma World third edition. 

The Mecha is awesome! 

The Monsters are absolutely huge! I can't wait for this one! 


  1. This makes me want to run Mekton!

  2. This reminds me of Mekton Zeta Sourcebook one with bio mechs and some of the really cool stuff we saw in Mekton Invasion. There really hasn't been a lot of coverage in the blogsphere about this one. Thanks for the comments. More coming up.

  3. I need these as posters! Also I am completely depressed seeing that Japan Jaeger and knowing (now that the film is in theaters) that it doesn't even make a proper appearance (maybe in some news reel or brief flashback scene). Wow...I could definitely have sat through 3+ hours of that. Too bad they seemed to cut some well-developed content out! Still a great film; I just wonder if a director's cut will release and do these amazing mecha justice!!

  4. From what I'm hearing they're going to be doing more with the property (Pacific Rim) then simply the film. I heard rumors or stirrings of a television or animated show. So don't count the Japan Jaeger out just yet. I'm going to try to go see this film this week because lets face it. You need to see this one in theaters!

  5. Oh more thing Brandon Blakeslee, check out the latest blog entry for a link to some high res downloads of the 'Jaeger' posters! Cheers and thanks for the comment.

  6. Alright! And sorry if my comment spoiled anything!! I had no clue whether you had seen the film or if anyone would even see my post...haha :) thanks for the info!

  7. You are welcome and you didn't spoil any plot points man. I'll be seeing it later this week. There will be more stuff happening with 'Pacific Rim.'
    Thanks for the comment and keeping following the blog.


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