Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mutant Monstrosities For Mutant Future and Other Old School Games

No. Enc: 1d4 (1d4+2)
Alignment: Chaotic 
Movement : 75'(25')
Armor Class: 5 
Hit Dice 14
Attacks: 3 (2 tentacle, and bite)
Damage 1d4,1d4.3d6
Save L5 
Morale: 10
Hoard Class: XXII
Mutations : Varies With Type

These creatures were created long before the Apocalypse  that took the worlds of the Ancients from the world today. These mythical chimera have only recently been freed from the depths of the Earth where their kind has been imprisoned for thousands of years.
Many of these monsters were bred eons ago for gladiatorial games beneath the crust of the Earth. Very often they combined the worse aspects of simian, spider, and octopus into a behemoth sized package. 
These creatures often sport addition mutations and some seem almost customized with weird superior mutations. Spitting bile, acid, and other less savory mutations have all been encountered by badland scavengers.
Because of the high rate of metabolism these monsters must feed at a regular two week cycle. Because of their scavenger like nature this is not a problem. They can feed on anything from carrion to some inorganic compounds. These include rubber, some plastics, and even ancient instillation found in buildings.
 These beasts are blessed with incredible senses and can see into the infrared spectrum , and ultrviolet range as well. They can track quarry for miles by scent alone and any spilled blood will send them into a berserk like state. These beasts often travel in hunting packs and raid villages for prey. The rainy seasons bring such raids when the mating frenzy brings the need for prey.
They are partially amphibious and can be found in damp caverns. These beasts often have a crude form of telekinesis enabling them to dig through soft rock and soil. This tactic is often used to surprise lowland villages.
Often these monsters are used as guardian beasts by certain clans of wizards and mutant overlords. Many of these will often use ancient machines to modify or create new variations of these beasts as hench things. There are three variety of low intelligence which may follow simple orders. These monsters are unpredictable at best and completely uncontrollable at worst.
They often horde artifacts and other trinkets for light snacks should food sources become dried up. Several of these monster's species have also been encountered both in under water ruins and on other worldly colonies. 

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