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Son of The D30 Low Life and Galactic Scum Table For Your Old School Space Opera

Son of The  D30  Low Life and Galactic Scum Table
  1. An ancient astronaut infected with a parasite is seeking his apprentice to pass on his knowledge and the parasite to a worthy individual.  Actually the parasite wants to breed and needs some fool to do so. 
  2. A bald Tybarian slave trader is looking to unload a bunch of unwanted stock because some religious zealots want to roast him alive. 1d100 slaves are in the offering. Are you that fool?
  3. A green Artruicus puzzle maker is selling his shoddy wares and is looking for some fool to buy them. These psychic puzzles are capable of warping minds and sanity into the psychotic and gullible. 
  4. Gas Giant Miners looking for a "good time" with any sex of any species. Actually space pirates casing out a prospective mark to steal and use their ship. 
  5. Valicrtus ambassodor on a mission from his god. He's actually a human under that antique armor and a drug runner looking to expand his market. He's on the run from bounty hunters. 
  6. Adrenaline Trafficker looking to expand his influence and & markets. He rips the brain fluids and glands from living beings for the most potential and potent drugs. 
  7. AI Slave merchant looking for buyers and new copies of some wares. Very dangerous and wanted being. 
  8. Threebreen healers selling their arts to the highest bidder. Able to cast a cause wounds to drum up more business. These healers are wanted beings with the death sentence in 22 systems for malpractice. 
  9. Death powder junky looking to make a score. Willing to kill for such. Actually an undercover cop whose gone way under cover. Warrant out for his arrest for his own good. 5k credit reward from family. 
  10. A "Space Shepard " priest spreading the good word and looking for potential sacrifices to the space gods. 
  11. Meta morphic prostitutes looking for clients(actually assassins looking for a target) selling information and favors. 
  12. 1d8 first level fighters/space scum looking for alien cultists who took their women folk. 
  13. A group of down and out mercs infected with an alien bacteria looking for a cure that doesn't exist. Will work for anyone promising such a cure. They've been cursed by a wizard from a post apocalyptic world. 
  14. A group of third level fighters who seek an ancient foe. The foe is aboard this station disguised as a tailor. 
  15. An artist and forger of memories seeks an alien queen from among the stations passengers. Actually a 3rd level fighter programmed ala The Manchurian Candidate looking for his royal target.  He has light esper abilities and pissed off the wrong guild. 
  16. "Azul The Cunning" a not so good space pirate who is looking for crew while on the run from the local bounty hunting guild. Has a very rare artifact of alien origin and another group after him. 
  17. Durbreian VR merchant is hosting a gladiatorial/pay for view even and offering 1200 credits to all comers. Actually he's a VR pirate stealing memories for the black market each time your hooked up to his machines. 
  18. A cyborg warrior 5th level retired seeks an apprentice. He is being hunted by his masters from the Holy Corporate Empire 
  19. An ancient esper minder reader is on the run with a head full of Star Mob secrets. She has at least four assassins after her. 
  20. A 4 hit point flesh amalgam in disguise as a nun of the church of light is looking for new victims. She is armor class 6 and now taking 'confessions" and enlightenment  She has level drain. Only attacks when alone. Quite charming even as she eats your soul. 
  21. A thief on the run from his former employers who want his cybernetic hand which contains a boat load of corporate secrets of theirs. They have a 1d8 clean up crew after him. He's fourth level and likes to drink. 
  22. A kidnapper with the soul of an AI. This AI is of his son and his former wife whose now the head of the corporation wants it back. There are 1d6 combat robots after him which look like his fair haired little boy as well. 
  23. A group of rent a thugs is now open for business. The small micro guild is made up of 1d4 3rd level fighters who mostly like criminal work. They each are actually pieces of an AI whose mind wiped and down loaded his mind into each to experience real life. He's not actually aware that he's only an expendable copy whose taken on a life of his own. The AI has sent out handlers to get these back. 
  24. A weapons merchant is open for business with no lethal hardware that does more damage to the target and causes extreme pain but leaves the target alive. The merchant works for himself and there is a minor bounty on his head. 
  25. TA' psychic assassins are looking to pick up extra cash. So called security consultants with minor esper abilities. These folks sell their services for human blood and gore not money. 
  26. The esper hunter is coming to town. This 6th level cyborg assassin wants as many minds as he can get. He is however an ethical assassin with an alien outlook on life and the universe. 
  27. This walking roach is actually a great healer and educator but he happens to be a very disgusting roach. This creature is not welcome by 75% of  galactic beings who want his services. They see him as a monster. He's actually quite nice for a roach. 
  28. This being is a very plain looking psychic rapist who is preying on those he feels he wants. He will not only strip the memories from your mind, he will black mail you and sell them to the highest bidder. Now looking for new targets. I can't remember what he looks like. 
  29. A group of peaceful alien sentient flower humanoids. These very colorful and timid people are actually the vanguard of an alien invasion. They will use a combination of realistic nightmares and hallucinations to rip any information from their targets that they can.
  30. A map seller offering your heart's desire for the price of your soul. Which he will store in a crystal matrix aboard his star ship. Please sign here.  

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  1. Who wants a clean and well kept galaxy? There should be tons of wretched hives of them. Places where evil can thrive like bacteria in the dark recesses of the universe to spring at a moment's notice on PC's.
    There will be more my friend and thanks for the comment. This is partially GorgonMilk's fault for getting me into some very cool dark synth pop stuff.


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