Monday, May 27, 2013

FREE Lovecraftian Supplement From Gorgon Milk Review Now Fully Text-Selectable OCR document

Gorgon Milk does quite a bit of wonderful stuff and this is one of the most useful pieces of OSR material that I can think of. This supplement collects all of the early Lovecraft material from the dawn of time of  OD&D and AD&D in the form of Early Dragon magazine articles and the Deities and Demi Gods book Cthulhu Mythos material
You can get it right

Using The Free Lovecraftian Suppliment This book collects in fourteen pages the essence of  the Lovecraftian Mythos for AD&D first edition and OD&D material in one handy place. This material will work in about 90% of the retroclones out on the market at this time. 
The format is now completely is
 now a "Fully Text-Selectable OCR document" which means no more fumbling for a Shaggoth or Mi Go on your tablet. The mythos has of course been modified for Dungeons And Dragons in each of the articles. The fact that its out as a free pdf is another handy little treat. 
The book is very nice for using in any science fantasy retroclone game as well with little modification or twisting. Do yourselves a favor and get over to download this little book.

This is a handy little guide to the Mythos and makes constructing many adventures for either a D&D fantasy style adventure or a space fantasy very easy. The fact that all of this material is in one place and easily searchable is very attractive for any D&D or retroclone gamer. Best of all its free. 

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