Thursday, May 2, 2013

The HighwayMen - Once More Into The Breech - Stars Without Number Actual Play

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The PCs were moving swiftly through the unreality of  hyperspace through the lonely black of the Chasm. They were on their way to the hidden fortress of the Delos corporation. They're fuel reserves were starting to run low however!
After a number of navigation rolls the PC's were able to locate a gas giant star system. The six planet system was hidden between the folds of reality as one might fold a newspaper.
Drilling through the edge of this alternitive universe. The characters were able to avoid a whole pack of space debris and wreckage! The whole system was strewn with it. The PCs began to look for fuel tanks that had not been exploded or damaged. They began preparations to begin salvage operations and send out a small shuttle gig to take a deeper look at the area.

 The whole area was littered with the remains of a ship. The cruiser had been a ST Class cargo vessel Deep Hauler. The ship had been attacked by  particle beam weaponry. They were carrying a cargo of Allard Electronics products to one of the deep Chasm colony planets.
The electronics had been fried, the ship cut up, and nothing was taken. The whole affair put the PC's on edge. They began to preform salvage operations.
The shuttle collected several tons of metal and semiprecious stones and whatnot. The PC's began to investigate the system when they noticed the asteroid field surrounding the gas giant. They began a deep sensor sweep of the asteroids.
They began the sweep of the asteroids and discovered an an ancient military bunker/base among that field. There were also several metals that were quite lucrve among the asteroids. Cutting lasers and robotic drones were deployed to handle much of the scan work.
File:Hypervelocity impact.jpg
There were several encounters with Asteroid  worms encounters which were near fatal. The crew blasted them with heavy ship to ship weaponry. The military base has about three levels within if not more. The place had been abandon for some time.
Then suddenly lights came up and a nuclear missile was lunched. The thing flew with the speed of a lightning bolt toward the PC's ship.The missile kept pace with the characters ship and only the timely intervention of a programmed reposes kept the PC's on their toes.
 Ten three more missiles were launched. Only some quick computer hacking and work made for a much longer game.
The PC's finally launched the drones and hidden among the debris of the asteroid was another destroyed Apex Battle Pyramid. The thing had been obliterated utterly. Every square inch of the thing was traced by the radioactive signature of a particle beam weapon.
That's when a Delos AI Ship showed up and closed with the PC's ship! We ended right here for now!
 More Next week.

1d6 Random Debris Asteroid Finds 
  1. Escape pod with a full set of ration packs and a very nervous man who will only talk if he is constantly given attention 
  2. Spinning plate of computer chips and hardware. There is a 40% of a computer virus on these chips coming to life. 
  3. A giant Space Slug - 4 hit points, Damage 1d4, Special - Acidic spit. As per edge 
  4. Alien monolith covered in strange ancient glyphs. These markings are actually an ancient curse. Those who translate it a dire warning against disturbing  Worth 10,000 credits to the right collectors. 
  5. Spent energy loads! 10,000 of them around the remains a strange ship. These are actually reusable for blaster ammo. 
  6. The complete works of Bach and Beethoven. Worth 400 credits to the right collector of these. 

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