Friday, May 17, 2013

Free Renegade - Corruption 400 Page Retro Clone Rule Book - Thistle Games - Counterpoint and Commentary

 I was recently read Gorgonmilks assessment of this free four hundred page pdf. The game isn't simply a remix. You can read Greg's comments right  HERE.  I mostly agree with him but :
I can hear you saying right now. Oh great another retroclone. It simply isn't another retroclone.
Instead its a "retroclone enhancement "! This is a four hundred page tool kit that allows a DM to create the atmosphere, setting, and options for the game that he wants.
From the DriveThrurpg description: 

"The game has plenty to offer for experienced players too, as extra content has been added to boost the original rule set. For example, the comic book dark theme adds options that encourages play that's less high fantasy/ unicorns and more gritty/ 'run for your lives!'

As an 'Old School' system everything translates almost instantly to Dungeons and Dragons, Swords & Wizardry, Labyrinth Lord and similar systems. However, at over 350 pages Corruption also contains a great deal of new, imaginative content." 

Basically from start to finish you can grab this book and begin writing an old school module from the ground up. You can imagine using an extra corruption score to measure alignment that allows both players and DM's get a  very nasty turn for a grittier gaming experience?  Then this might be the game enhancement for your tablbe. The bonus XP to reward good play works very well.

 Monster races like Ravenswings, Chameleons, Horror Hornets, magic items ready for Old School play . . . The surprise was tons about gritty play, tricks, making play dark . Many of the sections in the book can easily be adapted to games like X plorers, Stars Without Numbers, Mutant Future, etc. and many more science fiction and fantasy games. 
With a game like Stars Without Number the corruption rules and alignments can be used to illustrate a light side/darker side style "stars wars " element. 

The Flip Side of the Coin 

This book is a four hundred page monster that can be used to create a huge variety of dark and gritty almost Marvel Conan style adventures. There is a lot of Lovecraftian goodness between the pages here.  The dark fantasy is really on a dial and can be used to run a kids game one day and game with the darkest of horrors the next. The art here really sets the tone for what you get. 

This book isn't so much a retroclone as a kit for retroclone games . So what exactly is this? Well its actually both. A retroclone that enhances other retroclone systems. 
What is the best part of this professional product?  Its freaking free and you should go and down load it right now!
You can grab the game right over HERE


  1. Yep, there are a wealth of ideas in Corruption. I plan to mine it for the new campaign soon! This seems less like a counter-argument and more like a better review/bump than mine :)

  2. I agree that there a wealth of ideas in Corruption but man that sucker weighs a ton to print all these out.
    "This seems less like a counter-argument and more like a better review/bump than mine" In best Warner Brother's cartoon voice! "HMMMMmm Could be."
    Anyhow thanks for taking the time to make a comment on this one.

  3. How many pages of new material represent a "wealth"? I'd say R:C is providing a modest percentage of new concepts spliced to the standard OSR skeleton. Gratefully, the product is free, unlike some books that bandy "X is now Y" changes and public domain art for money.

  4. Well, I liked it and your mileage may vary depending upon your games. Since mine tend to be within the OSR sphere then the concepts spliced on the standard OSR skeleton work perfectly for me.
    Art costs money and artists like to be paid. I known that David doesn't charge for money for public domain artwork but the art work in R:C isn't . Thanks for the thoughtful and insightful comments and more coming soon.


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