Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Review Expectations Without Number - A Stars Without Number - Free One Page Campaign

Expectations Without Number is a hip quick one shot campaign idea from the mind of Professor Jack Shear. Whose either a mad genius or a psychopathic writer. He's managed in one page to cram two great game ideas along with their sources into an actual working Gothic space campaign! This small little one shot is quick and interesting but most of all its sustainable over the long haul. I'm very jealous of the sheer outrageous of his ideas in this one.
 Stars Without Number combined with Great Expectations via the mind of Lord Byron combined with Dune. I think its a little piece of OSR flimflam that is right in front of a writer the whole time.

Using Great Expectations Without Number 
The basic idea behind this little campaign is that the characters are the grown up children of orphans sent out into the cruel void of space as an interplanetary dandy. Adventurers on a galactic scale raised with hearts full of napalm and groups of like minded black hearts.
 This idea can be applied to a wide variety of space based games and the weird thing is that this concept will work in Xplorers, Stars Without Numbers, and even Star Ships and Space Men with little to no problems.
The background is solid, the goals clearly out lined , and the universe is waiting for the players to assemble.
You can down load it from Here
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 Possibly a three and a half out of five. 


  1. That is a great idea Jack had.

  2. Yup and it works for creating NPCs as well. I'll be employing this in tonight's SWN game. Thanks for the comment.


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