Monday, May 20, 2013

Terror Tuesday - Free Post Apocalypse PDF - Thirty Sider Apocalypse: Urban Encounters

Thirty Sider Apocalypse: Urban Encounters
Fish Wife Games once again brings the awesomeness with a Free 

Thirty Sider Apocalypse: Urban Encounters PDF
You can down load it right HERE
The Description  From Drive Thru Rpg : 
As the player characters wander through the wastes of a ruined future world the GM suddenly pulls a dusty old artifact from his dice bag. The players lean forward and stare with curiosity. “What is that thing?” One is brave enough to ask. Grinning, the GM gives this mysterious, long forgotten object a roll. Thirty Sider Apocalypse is a series of free random charts that incorporate that must have oddity of the dice bag, the 30 sided die.
This first installment of the thirty sider apocalypse features a random chart of encountered characters, creatures, and events that the characters might stumble across as they wander through the remains of a once proud major city.

How To use The PA Urban Encounters:
This is a great opportunity for a party of adventurers to run into something weird bizarre or just plain freaky. The pdf has some great ideas for filling in some encounters for a PA game like Mutant Future or your favorite sci fi retroclone.
The tables here could also be used to fill in some truly unique away team missions for your favorite science fantasy game. The players wander around a war torn planet and the DM throws his favorite D30 and the party isn't going to be the same.
The table could also be used when a fantasy game finds its way onto another plane and you need a quick urban encounter.
With the high handed nature of  Mutant Future and its environs. This is a great table to throw at the players. Simply clamp on your favorite mutant race into the encounter table and your ready to go. 

The table has a myriad of uses if the DM is willing to roll that D30!
Enjoy folks and be sure to check out the rest of Fishwife Games great products!
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