Monday, May 20, 2013

Free Thistle Basic Basic Hand Book - Do You Dare To Dream? Review And Commentary

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The Description According To The Drive Thru Rpg Entry:
Thistle Games' RPG Handbook ~ Getting Started and RPG Handbook have a lot of detailed information for young adults, parents, GMs and those who want to organised groups. However, for a 13 year-old jumping straight into the main features of building RPG gameplay is always going to be more appealing.

The introduction to Do You Dare To Dream? largely repeats the beginning of the Getting Started guide. From there the content is presented as a series of models; options for Getting Started with solo play; and the means to knit together a GM's first dungeons.

Some extra images have been added to the mix of existing content and the rough framework for solo play in the Handbook has been worked up to fit around a series of tables that are print ready for easy re-use. A complete RPG system is not provided, but the nuts and bolts to quickly run a very simple system are in Getting Started - and Renegade is also available for free to provide a full system.
That said Do You Dare To Die works with any fantasy system and can be adapted to Scifi.
The content can be put to use in a number of ways including:
  1. Trying out RPGs using solo or team gameplay.
  2. Making your first dungeons.
  3. Constructing custom tables.
  4. Recruiting new players and GMs.
  5. Building mini-campaign worlds and hex crawls.

     How Can I Use This For Old School Science Fiction Gaming? 
    This book contains the very basics for construction of mini locations,dungeons and hex crawls the ever so important foundation of science fiction or fantasy gaming. 
    Using this basic book its very possible to construct complete worlds and adventure locations in a quick and reliable manner. The fact is that a DM sometimes needs a snap to way of constructing everything from basic encounter tables to organizing their campaign. This book is not a replacement for your old school fantasy or science fiction gaming system. It might be if that's what your looking  for but instead for a DM like myself this is another retroclone enhancement.
     The Advice on recruiting new players is good for both the experienced and basic DM who just is starting out. Dave Morrison has quite a bit of experience with designing these rules and advice and it shows up right through here.
    Building mini-campaign worlds and hex crawls is where the book shines in my mind. These hex crawls are the meat and potatoes of a game such as X plorers and Carcosa. Lets not mention a game like Stars Without Numbers which is a hex crawl on a galactic scale. 
    These rules are clear, concise, and easy to use. The art work is decent and not so unimaginative  as we've seen in other OSR products. 
     Since this book is a part of the other Thistle game family of products its easy to see the direction that the author wants to take us on. As a free product this is a very nice little product. Most of all its free!
     Be sure to visit Thistle Games home page for even more free stuff! Right over HERE

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