Saturday, May 4, 2013

1d10 Random May The Fourth Space Salvage Table For Your Old School Space Opera

Photo: It's almost Star Wars day!! How will you be celebrating? -B-


1d10 Random May The Fourth Space Salvage Table

  1. 1d4 Light Weight Replusor Lift Speeder Bikes still in packing crates 
  2. Tie fighter solar panels partially wrecked with heavy carbon scoring 
  3. Power Pack for an AT-AT Walker still in crate 
  4. 1d6 Imperial Mark IV probe droids type IM3  still in suspension packing 
  5. One fried R4 - 19 unit badly scored up with its personality matrix still in tact. Needs extensive work 
  6. 1d20 MSE Droids still with messages encoded within them. Power depleted 
  7. One very pissed off Interrogator Droid with a great deal of carbon scoring on the side. 
  8. One black R2 unit with additional spy sensors. Very badly scored up and damaged. 
  9. A decayed human hand clutching a light sword 
  10. Skeleton of an porcine humanoid in archaic armor holding heavy +1 ax 

Many of these items will be in very bad or worse condition when found and may need extensive repair work.

This is a work of parody and not meant in any to violate the Star Wars trademark or copyright. This is for entertainment only. The author would further like to thank the Star Wars Underground for this logo. You can find them right HERE

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