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The "Blues" or Eraor'ru For Old School Space Opera Campaign

The "Blues" or Erao
 r'ru are a common sight through out intergalactic space and no one is damn sure where this race came from. They are traders whose origins are as mysterious as their sales practices. The race excels at medium galactic range technology. They appear to be a partially reptilian race with some mammalia overtones. 
 The race is slightly longer lived then humans with an average life span in excess of  one hundred and twenty -two years. They see into both the ultraviolet and infrared spectrum  They birth geniuses twice as fast as humans with a two to one ratio.
 The race also is partially psychic but doesn't birth full psychically aware beings.

 Heart of the 
Erao r'ru
The race is the perfect courier race and often found working as clerics, lawyers, and scientists. They do partically well adapting existing technologies into new ways. There is speculation that this race was developed as technological workers for the Grey. The two races can not stand each other and will kill one another upon sight!
These beings green spots are actually sophisticated bio sensors and capable of sensing variations in temperature & humidity with a great degree of accuracy. The race often times serve aboard vessels as science officiers and scientists. They adapt to star ship life quite easily.
There are almost as many culture variety of Blues as there are humans. They see racial differences where humans and near humans may have a hard time identifying certain individuals. 
They have become a race of wanderers and refugees but from what is uncertain and they themselves do not know.
The "Blues" or Erao r'ru as PC race
The "Blues" or Erao r'ru gain +2 on Intelligence and Wisdom scores. They favor psychic, engineer classes as well as scientists. the race is usually of a lawful bent but chaotic individuals can be found from time to time.
This race has a touch of telepathic powers of often the most minor type. They enjoy the company of psychics however and can use as well as produce minor psychic devices.
They gain +1 to all science rolls and engineering because of their genetically disposed natures.
Blues favor fire arms over energy weapons but do well with ship mounted weapons. They have particular fascination with particle beam weapons.
The Blues can not understand magic or some of the concepts of the Great Old Ones. There are rumors of a taboo among their kind regarding these matters.

Red Eyes And Cold Hearts 
The "Blues" or Erao r'ru
 Erao r'ru In Your OSR Games 
The "Blues" or Erao r'ru are the perfect foil race. These guys are refugees from something that is chasing them and what is unknown. In Xplorers their ships ply the space lanes trading and looking to avoid trouble but they are often the victims of space pirates looking for easy plunder.
In Stars Without Number the race is often found among adventurers and spacers as wanderers as well as mystics. They also serve aboard space navies in many back water systems.
In the Goblinoid Games Family of games these folks can be found hanging out with mutants and trying to sell wares to a wide variety of post apocalyptic folks as traders and scientists. They will often act as go between for wizards and communities of humans. They also sell their services as mercs to the highest bidders and can be found as pawn brokers. Willing to analyze  ancient technology and devices for the right price.
Tags for SWN:
Merchants, Questing, and Scientists 

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