Thursday, May 30, 2013

Basil Wolverton's "Where Monsters Dwell" Comic For Your Old School Space Fantasy

Basil Wolverton was a comic book genius whose inspired generations of artists and writers  This comic first was first presented in the Dec 1951 issue of Adventures into Terror #7. This particular comic has a whole pack of incredible Wolverton creations. They can be used to populate your own old school science fantasy campaigns.  

Kondrmotul- Giant Tape Worm Snakes 
Armor Class: 8(11)
Hit Dice : 12 
Attacks: Bite (1d6)
Special: Spit Acid 2d6, Infect with Young 
Move : 6 
HDE/XP :13/2300 
Green dimensionally distorted ground dwelling horrors from beyond human reckoning. Fast moving, dangerous, and disease ridden horrors that dwell upon a dimensional half world. 

Drianazgweg -The Blue Winged Horrors From Beyond 
Armor Class: 7(12)
Hit Dice: 4 
Attacks: Talons(1d6)
Special: Flight, Immune To Most Magic And Psychic Abilities 
Move:6 (18 when Flying)
HDE/XP: 4/120 

The Caturilor- Half Men Things 
Armor Class: 5 (14)
Hit Dice : 2 
Attacks : Bite 1d6, Claw 1d4
Specials : Carriers of Disease such as Red Death  

The Half World of Delugbarur
This half plane of existence is folded between the dimensional spaces. A world of weird geometry and weirder creatures. Those who travel here by dimensional adjustment are subject to its unholy physics and laws. This is a place where prolonged exposure results in a -3 to Charisma. It is populated by the lost and damned. 
Those who survive this hellish desert world are forever touched in some way. Some develop mutations and others aberrations of the body. There is a 40% chance of those who dwell here long develop some type of detrimental mutation. 
This mini plane prime is sometimes used by advanced alien races as a dumping ground for the criminal or insane of inter dimensional races.  

You can read more about The Genius of Basil Wolverton Right over HERE

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