Saturday, November 3, 2012

Rise of The Draconian Empire Another Faction From The Talon Sector

Standard Galactic Carrier of the Draconian Empire use SWN rule standard rules for this  & other units 

They are the ancient line that descends back into the mists of time deep into the very twisted heart of  The First Wars. The Draconian Empire claims to be the descendants of  hydra & dragons from beyond space & time itself. They have expanded their reach to all corners of the Talon Sectors. 
Their Hob gobinoid foot soldiers are seen everywhere & the stench of their orge overlords fills the byways of hyperspace. 
Those who even get a glimpse of the Orge Psychi are damned with visions that can drive a sane spacer mad in seconds.
They are expanding their reach like a tide of unstoppable waters which reaches everywhere. 

Many sage kings debate the mere existence of these warriors of the space ways. They very rooms filled with smoke from the braziers of chavee' leaves & rumors of these monsters from the deepest recesses fills the hearts & minds with dread. 

Hardware of the Draconian Empire 
The Draconian Marauder
The Draconian Marauder  is a study in design  efficiency & speed. The craft relies on a three lateral ion engine & a simple spike drive. The fighter acts a devastating platform for its various weapons systems. This is a fighter created for a race literally born into the piloting of a star ship. 
Power :5/1 
Hit points : 8 
Speed : 6 
Armor : 6 
Weaponry : Pulse Laser  Battery (+3 Hit /3d4+2 Clumsy)

High Atmosphere configuration allows the fighter to be built, launched, & parts to created locally owing to the fighters continued success for the Empire's expansions into other sectors 

The Draconian Space Navy is always in the thick of fighting with Marauders & operates at least three known groups of Mercenary pirates as well as its own navy. These often act as cover for spy & covert missions. Hob Goblinoid troops are often used merely as fodder while the lower ranked humans move among the Empire as slaves & fodder. 

The tri lateral ion engines allow the empire to configure its forces within the atomsphere of a planet & such a simple design allows them to produce millions of 
fighters within orbital & ground based factories. 

The interstellar factory fortresses of the Draconian Empire are a familiar sight within the galactic community of the Talon Sector but an alliance with the Corporate Interests remains elusive allowing pirates, scum, & other species to gain the middle ground of the Galactic Stage. 

Draconian Empire Faction Rules 

Attributes Forces : 3  Cunning 7 Wealth 7 
Hit points 29 
Assets : Demagogue/Cunning 7 
Organization Moles/ Cunning 6 
Zealots/Forces 4 
Marketers/Wealth 6 
Tags : Theocratic, Fast Expanding Military Empire
 Tech Level : 4/5 always looking to expand or raid for more technology especially military.
Lenses: Tribalism, Military,Faith, Treachery
The Draconians are inspired by the Serpent Men of Howard/Lovecraft. They are expanding an religion of oblivion & inner peace. They're priests/missionaries can be found moving among even the most peaceful areas of the Talon sectors. They have not become yet to establish their Towers.. yet. 


  1. Nice, truly Draconian in biology and weaponry. (Buck doesn't stand a chance!)

  2. I tried to make them as interesting and as cool as possible my friend. I've got more stuff coming up from the Draconian Empire in the next day or so. Work is killing me right at the moment! So hence the Fasa stuff seeing the light of day! More to come including more "original" races & more items of these fiends. Thanks for the comment Jay!


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