Thursday, November 22, 2012

Return To The Tomb Cities of The Derros For High Tech Mystism & High Caliber Adventure

On the Dark Corners blog I've been for months now playing around with the ideas put forth in Dark Conspiracy rpg . The ideas have been going round my head for ages. One of the most successful game campaigns that I've run has been my At The Earth's Core campaign set within the worlds of Edgar Rice Bouroughs seen through the science fantasies of Richard Shaver. You can read about that campaign right over Here

So over the past couple of weeks I've been itching to return to the bowels of the Earth. And I'd like to go balls to the walls crazy with it. Injecting the Derro, the ufo mythology, as well as lots & lots of mutant Dinosaurs. I'd like to tear into Carcosa & really though the PCs into the deep end of things. 

 I've addressed these ideas before right over Here
 But I'd like to really challenge the players & with the help of several of you folks out there I've got an idea. Yes Bill, Trey, & others I'm staring in your general direction.
I'm going to take a few PD super heroes down into the depths. There's more coming soon.
Here's the sort of craziness I'm playing with! Hold on its going to be a bumpy ride!

You can find a complete Appendix N of ideas in some of my past posts. The game will be set in an alternative Pellucidar.
You can see a ton of links & such right over Here

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