Thursday, November 15, 2012

Gnakihul-rnda or Machine Heads A New Monster For Stars Without Number

The Gnakihul-rnda or Machine Heads A.I is lurking within this 500 year old computer just waiting to escape & cause mischief 

Gnakihul-rnda or Machine Heads The Engineering Spiderweb Bot
Armor Class :7 
Hit Dice 2 (8) Hp 
Attack Bonus +4 
Damage 1d2 micro claws 
1d4 tendril/hand/ or tool unit 
Number appearing 1d4 
Saving Throw 14+ 
Movement : 30'
Morale : 12
Skill bonus : +2 

 The Gnakihul-rnda or Machine Heads are the lone remains of a once great alien machine god or life form. The A.I. is now so fragmented as to be considered a whole completely separate species. These alien A.I.s loan their services to various star ships as well as crew for spare parts & passage among the stars.
Their bodies are composites of various bits & pieces of alien star ship parts,wasted robotoid bits, & whatever spare salvage they come across.
These beings have very strange senses of time & space operating on a twevlve cycle continuum rate. This gives them an alien sense of humor when dealing with beings locked into the local time space continuum. The machine heads appear sardonic & completely sarcastic which is simply untrue. Their perceptions are so alien as to render their thought processes very strange indeed.
They are a chatty race exchanging ideas, thoughts, & patterns across light years with special FTL communications gear built into themselves. They communicate using thousands of tongues & languages. While broadcasting via special carrier signal waves to one another using rumor & innenendo though light years.  But to what end is unknown because their own agendas are completely alien to beings such as us.
There are infinite varieties of mechanical menaces spread across the cosmos. They are often considered robotic vermin. This allows them to work in various clandestine capacities. The Gnakihul-rnda or Machine Heads can be found working in smuggling rings, criminal ships, & debt collection. At least three known variety of these beings are known to lead some of the universes very best space ship chop shops & repo houses. 


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