Saturday, November 10, 2012

Simianoid & Simianoid Bats For Stars Without Number

Simianoid & Simianoid Bats
Armor Class 4/6
Hit Dice 4/3 
Attack Bonus +6 
Damage 1d8 claw strike/1d4 for horn
No appearing 1d4
Saving Throw +12 
Movement 30'/50'
Morale 10

 These creatures are not apes but an unholy genetic cocktail of humanoid & simian DNA poured into the powerful shape of something that makes up the worst parts of each other. The monstrous creatures are devilishly fast, obey to a fault, & their design has thrown to the far flung corners of the universe.
There are two varieties of these monsters. A winged bat like humanoid monster often seen on low gravity worlds & planes & a singular well muscled monster capable of tearing a man in half instantly. These creatures have claws capable of rending soft metals & teeth capable of tearing apart bone & gristle with ease.
 Many cloning facilities offer both varieties on low quality highly dubious worlds of crime & unrest. These monsters have spread across the universes & are often found guarding tombs they were genetically programmed to centuries ago. The family units spreading out in 20 kilometer distances in a radius around such places.
 The most humanoid of these monsters can sometimes be found among the lowest of crews of bounty hunters  when no one else will have them. There have been rumors of alliances with ancient races of space yeti and other simianoids but such are the talk of cantina & less reputable places 
Simianoids will form troops & are capable of using some energy weapons & projectile weapons. There are rumors of troops being hired for merc operations & worse. Entire worlds of these monsters taking over & using their winged brethren to enforce their wills. These often seek out many primitive or fringe planets in the Talon system for resettling.
Simianoid Bats For Your Old School Space Opera 
Number Appearing: 1d4 
Hit points : 4 
Damage : 1d8 claw strike 
Saving Throw :16
Move: 30'

For  Bill for all the help! Thanks man! 

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