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Old School Mutant Dinosaurs For Your Science Fantasy Campaigns Part II 1d30 Random Lovecraftian Dinosaur Mutations

 Many of the pulp magazines from the 20s & 30s have faded from the public domain. Which is very sad because while I had many on my appendix N for this blog entry their no longer available. Amazing stories Volume 01 Number 03 June 1926 is one of those magazines still within the bounds of public domain. It contains one of the most, if not the most influential Lost World novel Journey To The Center Of The Earth.
This version of the story is notable for the striking cover & the very cool interior illustrations showing some amazing scenes.  You can see this amazing issue right over Here
 I didn't despair over the lack of those stories. Here's a chart of 1d30 Random Lovecraftian Dinosaur Mutations
1d30 Random Lovecraftian Dinosaur Mutations Table 
  1. Tongue of Savage Fury 1d8 points of Damage Per Strike,Range 60 Yards 
  2. The Vile Acid Of Ngyaosh-kiqud - Breath Weapon 1d8 points Of Damage Per Hit 
    1. Gaze of Has-nyi- The creature retains the insane fury of
        1. Has-nyi The reptile lord. All creatures within the gaze of the monster are subject to fear. 
  3. Spores of Inatlazo - The scales of the beast bubble with spores of the mushroom lord himself. His unholy spores attack anyone who threatens his children's vessel. 1d3 points of damage per round as the malice ravages the target unless a save vs poison is made 
  4. Thoughts of The Dragon's Ancestors - The creature is a vessel for the unholy information and legacy of the serpent men 
  5. Bio mechanical Skin - The armor class decreases by  2 points and the biomechanical structure of the beast adapts to almost any surroundings 
  6. Sleep of  The Lzanaqua- The beast requires no water or food when it enters hibernation. This enables the monster to sleep away the ages but anyone examing the monster will think its dead. The beast is telepathically & physically aware of its surroundings as it dreams away the ages. Beware when it awakens! 
  7. Ph'ctho Vessel of The Damned - The monster is a host for a demon god of old. Killing the monster will loosen a curse upon the heads of the slayer & a demon upon the party 
  8. Chaos's Lizard Bitch - The beast gains 1d6 chaotic mutations please see appropriate matrix 
  9. Yig's Hybrid - The beast is a mix of 1d4 different dinosaurs 
  10. Child of The Serpent God - The monster loses its forelimbs & becomes a crawling abomination. It also gains a poisonous bite that does 1d4 points of damage per round 
  11. Claws of Carnage - The beast gains +2 on all damage due to their claws becoming unholy weapons of fury & horror 
  12. Slime Beast's Revenge - The monster is a vessel for a shaggoth god thing that lives within its skin. Gain 2 hit points & a new master intelligence 
  13. Legacy of The Old Gods - The monster is vessel for the knowledge of the old gods. +2 points in intelligence & it may cast 2nd level spells 
  14. Boneless shaggothoid - The beast is a collection of of Lovecraftian goo & alien intelligence. Every 1d4 rounds it may take on the characteristics of another dinosaur or creature 
  15. Lamprey Mouth From Hell - The beast may suck 1d4 hit points per round from boneless tentacles. 
  16. Breath of Azathoth - The beast has been blessed by Azathoth & may now breath unholy jale fire for 1d8 points of damage per strike. Range as dragon's breath 
  17. Aura of The Insane - The beast is now partially dream & madness radiating this around it. The target must save vs wands or make a wisdom check or be struck mad for 1d4 days 
  18. Beast of Unholy Fire - The beast is constantly surrounded by the fires of the Old Ones. 1d3 points of damage to everything 
  19. Birthright of The Elderthings - The beast is a genetic legacy of the Elder Things. Gain 1d4 mutations off of this table. 
  20. Poison of Zath - The beast is blessed by Zath & gains a corrosive poison. Everything with 40 foot is struck by an explosive fart of poison that does 1d3 points of damage unless save vs poison is made each round 
  21. Blessings of Yag Shagoth - The beast is now a guardian of one of the portals of Yag Shagoth. It will stalk & kill victims as sacrifice to its god who now sustains it . It needs no food or water to survive 
  22. Servants of Hate & Insanity - The beast may break down into 1d4 mini versions of itself hell bent on killing anything around it. The beast is psychotic & deadly clever 
  23. Breakdown of Logolaeph- The beast is a mass of tentacles & alien fury. Gains 1d4 hit points & becomes a vessel for Logolaeph. It praises the outer god day & night. All within 60 yards must make a wisdom check or begin singing along with the beast even as it devours them for its unholy hunger 
  24. Body juice of Ngyaosh-kiqud- The beast's blood swims with the children of Ngyaosh-kiqud which will infect anyone coming into contact with it. Unless a save vs death is made the creature is possessed by a demon. 
  25. Blessings of Cachath- The beast will merge with anything within psychical contact with it becoming an unholy amalgam of flesh & insanity. 
  26. Rt'phorleibot's Legacy - The beast is a doorway into the universe of Rt'phorleibot. It will vomit forth 1d4 servants of the vile god who will coming screaming for blood & blessings 
  27. Ngyaosh-kiqud Colours - The beast's skin silicates with the Outer God's colours. All within 50 feet must make a save vs death or throw themselves at the beast. 
  28. Blessings of Ugot-enothaq- The beast is a mass of weird organs that don't belong it may track its prey through out time & space. 
  29. The Weirdness of Inatlazo- Each & every piece of the beast is bit of the Outer Gods & they will kill anything around them. 


  1. Oooooo, this is one of the most interesting mutation tables I've seen in a while. Great stuff as usual, Needles.

    -Ed Green

  2. Glad you liked it but Blogger was being a pain with this one! There's more stuff coming up! Glad you enjoyed it & thanks for the comment Ed!


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