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Mucoid Confederacy - Halloween Monster For Stars Without Numbers Part II

 The mucoid Confederacy has been manipulating things behind the scenes in the Talon Sector for years. They change the masks of the multi operations micro corporations & mega corporations they use but their always in control.
There are however many worlds where they rule without fear  of reprisal or attack. Worlds around ancient dead stars whose red or blue rays nourish the strange red weed that sustains their technological base.  Whose hellish light makes their civilization thrive like a cancer.
They move through galactic circles without fear or issue using their ancient warrior ways of logical & cunning.
They move in units of blessed three in everything they do. Their tendrils moving chess pieces set in place millions of years ago only to bear bitter tasting bitter fruit only now.
 They're ways are inscurable, alien, & utterly in human. Below is a simple cross section of their war technology. This is only the barest hint of their technological prowess. They have millions of eons on the lesser interstellar races such as man.

Mucoid Mecha
Operating in groups of six. The Mucoid mecha come in a wide variety of models & creations. Using vary snap technology the Mucoid mecha can fit a wide variety of military roles. From genocide to anti personnel .These incredible machines are on the front lines. 
Mucloid Steep Riser or Walker of Destruction 
Power: 5/10
Mass: 10/3
Hit points 10 
Weaponry : Heat Ray 3d6# AP5  Ammo
Defenses:Hardened  Bio Metal Overlay -5 to enemy AP Qualities 
Fittings : Polyspectral Sensors, Cargo space 
These are the basic rank & file Mucoid units found throughout the galaxy. These mecha are easily found where any Mucoid operations are taking place when the Manta units aren't necessary. They are easily mass produced & able to spread the horror & terror of muciod menace with easy. 
They are often cylinder shot planet side for securing areas for scouting for Invasion 

Mucoid Proboid
Armor : 7 
Hit Dice:1 (4HP) 
Attack Bonus: +1 
Damage Stun Tendrils 1d8 
Number appearing : 1d4 
Saving Throw : 15+ 
Movement: 30'
Morale: 12 
Skill Bonus +0
Fittings: Anti grav & telekinesis modules 

A probe with a built in bio drive system this partial organic proboid is used in many day to day activities. The partially organic being is often used as an advanced scout where needed & given many routine tasks. They are espcially common in Mucoid blood facilities, bio factories,& for scouting missions equipped with anti grav & telekinesis modules they are perfect spies able shock prey where necessary or strangle a stray guard with little problem.
Many see them as nothing more then Mucoid scum & vermin. They have an evil disposition with little redeeming value.

Mucoid Fighters
The Quick Silent Death Fighter 
Power 5/1
Mass 2/0
Hit Points 8
Crew: 3 
Speed 6 
Armor 5 
AC 4 
Weapons : Rapid repeating heat ray units & the Wingrove built up system (+3 To Hit/ 3d4+1)
Multi focal Hydra Torpedo launcher (+3/ 3d6+1,AP10, Clumsy)
Fittings: Spike Drive, Atmosphere Configuration 

The Quick Silent Death Fighter is a short range backbone fighter of the Confederacy. These fighters are often seen devastating the interstellar hyperspace ways between worlds. Armed with rapid repeating heat ray units & the Wingrove built up system. These fighters are a marked improvement on the 1953 models that saw action in the wake of the Earth Invasion.
The real improvement comes in the form of the wing tip Multi focal Hydra Torpedo launcher which allows packets of magnetically locked antimatter torpedoes to be used over a one light year distance. 

Mucoid Hyperspace Carriers
Power 75/7
Hit Points :95 
Crew 12/20, or 300/3000 via clone 
Weaponry : Aurora Antimatter Torepedo system (+5 to hit /4d6+1,AP20)
Cobra Phasic lens heat ray system(+5 to hit/ 1d20+3,AP5) 

Defenses: Bio Polycromic Overlay 
Fittings: As Standard Carrier per rule book 
The Mucoid Hurricane Manta Craft Carriers have been a dreaded sight across the galactic community for centuries. With a crew of between three to six minimum these craft roam the interstellar winds with impunity. They usually carry a full crew of rotating Mucoid marines of 12- 20. The test tube cloning chambers allow the carrier  to fill out the ranks with crews for the ten to twenty Quick Silent Death Fighters aboard for planetary suppression.
The  Hurricane is named for the Aurora Antimatter Torepedo system which delivers a total of  twelve antimatter torpedoes within 1d4 rounds to its target hitting with devastating force.  With a range of 2 light years this sleek deadly hunter of  space ways closes in with phasic lens heat ray system. Pumping more energy then most other Mucoid weapon systems, the Cobra is a weapon feared by mean. The whine of its pulsar system is a sound that few forget on the receiving end of its hood. With a range of just under a light year & capable of vaporizing a small fighter craft instantly or two tons of steelcrete in under .002 seconds its a weapon of pure malice & terror. 

Mucoid Overlords

Drawn from the clone vats of the vast 10.6 trillion cell samples within the Mucloid preserver banks these creatures operate in groups of three with a spare on bio ice should the need arise. They draw upon their heritage of alien & complete mastery of their race's long history of cruelty &  genocidal madness.
They're minds travel corridors undreamed of by sane minds. They are able to coordinate the various cells of the Mucoid menace with easy. More bio computer then mere living creature they telepathically & psionically draw each & every decision along a tri lateral logical & reason path. This enables these monsters to make leaps in intelligence & reason with little issue. This appears almost completely insane to many right thinking races of the cosmos.
These creatures can be found in many, many mucoid factories, planetary bodies, & other facilities. They are the rank & file commanders of the mucoid body. These monsters are bred where need dictates. 

Alien Biology  Tags :Exotic & Hybrid 
Mucoid Psychology & Lens: Domination,War,Treachery, Subtlety
Mucoid Psychology:They are the ultimate omni-scientists   the have millions of years experience at conquest, & are infinitely patient until they strike often without rime or reason. The overlords embody each & every degree of the race. They are shining examples of the mucoid ideal. They act  in union with each other almost always.
Flavor : The Mucoids are the ideal invaders acting where & when they are needed. The overlords put forth the agenda of the race & move the war machine forward, ever forward. The mucoids can be used straight forward as invaders from beyond. As the ultimate horror & or as the Saturday night special.
Mucoids NPC overlords : The monsters are each the same level & always of the psychic class. Many of the higher level facilities will be staffed by psychics of 5th or better level while smaller facilities will be staffed by mere 1st or 2nd level monsterous NPCs


  1. Check out the old Galacta 25's Octopoid Warriors - they would make great miniatures for your race described here.

    Scroll down to package number 2011 -

    By the way they are available (Ebay and some other places)...

  2. Very cool Chuck! Yes, yes they would make an excellent addition to my gaming table! There's more coming up! Believe me you haven't seen anything ..yet!
    Thanks for the comment & I've filled the minis away for future use! Glad ya took the time to look those up for me as well.


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