Friday, November 30, 2012

Slicing Deeper into Star Ships & Spacemen Second Edition ~ Monster Ago Go

The Star Ships & Space Men Hardback arrived today! However I've already being going to town with the pdf which I printed as my working copy. A working copy is what you put down on the gaming table. The thing that Dm refers to constantly during game play. This is a very nice game. So lets talk about the game a bit more in depth. The whole thing reads like a very nice little basic OD&D retro clone set against the science fantasy background of Trek. I've had time to really digest a good portion of it now and not simply review the thing.

Right after I got the PDf I printed the entire thing out so that could read it at my leisure. 

The monsters are the really interesting part & are bult along the same lines as the ones in Labyrinth lord & Mutant Future 

The organization is very well done & easy to follow. These could be used with Terminal Space game or Crypts & Things as well as fitting right in with the rough & tumble world of Carcosa. 
Everything is lid right out where the DM needs it 

Un Packing The Hardback 

Solid Spine & good binding just the way I like it.

Game Porn  Artwork shots 


  1. Crap, that rocks! Still haven't got mine yet...bummer.


  2. Thanks for the comment & yeah it does rock! More coming up


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