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Kane's Cartels Another Faction In The Talon System For Stars Without Numbers

Kane's Cartels are the remains of a criminal empire that ruled Earth for quite a few years in the  2500s. The interstellar empire was driven off world by a band of rebels under the command of a mysterious leader.  Kane himself was destroyed in the overall war that disbanded the empire. His legacy lives on 

Planet Outlaws Poster

In the 20th century, the forces of crime and disorder around the world steadily gained power. Because of the inability of society to control the criminal element, gangsters and racketeers gradually dominated the governments of the world. Some time before the year 2440, a "super-racketeer" known as Kane achieved complete global domination. His cruel, ruthless rule earned him the nickname "Killer Kane".
Supported by a council of lesser gangsters, and backed by an army of raygun-toting crooks, Kane managed to suppress all resistance, save for a valiant few who made their new home in the so-called "Hidden City". Once defeated many of the remaining criminal overlords fled into space. They were driven from world to world looking for a safe harbor. Only the lawless areas of the Talon systems offered any hope. They have become hired muscled, smugglers extraordinaires, & gun running hoodlums among the stars. But this is only half of the picture! 
Kane's Cartels Today 

The cartels of Kane as they are called make a living through being the galactic middle men for a variety of alien races both ancient & modern. They're activities include exportation of illegal gene vari forms, mutagenic pathogens, weapons of mass destruction, nascent alien god entities, & wider varieties of crimes. These  can be laid at the feet of this scum.
They often hire adventurers, rabble, & the very scum of the universe to explore strange ruins, seek out new life, & boldly go where no criminals have gone before. It is believed that these so called "galactic banksters" have several soul searing deals with alien or demonic gods from beyond the pale of mankind itself.

There are hidden truth among Kane's Boys . A wide variety of clones forged from the very dead remains of Kane himself still hold court & rule the Cartels with an iron fist. They are like the original.  Kane is vain, pompous, and overconfident. He dresses flamboyantly, resides in a luxury penthouse suite, and maintains a finely trimmed mustache. Although the people over whom he rules refer to him as "Killer Kane," he prefers to be addressed (and identifies himself) as "The Leader Kane" (or simply "The Leader") and presents himself to the peoples of the universe  as a benevolent monarch.

 Today Cartels of Kane operate without borders or conscious destributing to all buyers from every corner of the universe & specialize in psychic slavery, memory add ons, beam weapons of all stripes, & many ships of their own design. No system is safe from the tentacles of this cartel of mad men. 

Kane's Cartels 

Force 8 Cunning 5 Wealth 7 
Hit Points 49 
Space Marines/Forces 8, Planetary Defenses/Forces 5 
Fleet/Force 5, Pretech Manufacturing 6, Shipping  Combine/Wealth 6, Cells/Cunning 3, Cyberninja/Cunning 4, 
Tags Criminal organization, Imperialists

 Trailer For Planet Outlaws 

Feature Film 
Planet Outlaws 
Buck Rogers (1939) re-edited from serial to feature format and re-released for theatrical distribution in 1953; an American soldier suspended in time wakes up to find himself in the futuristic world of the year 2500. Once settled he realizes that an evil villain, along with his gang of outlaws, has been trying his best to gain total control the the universe and everything in it. Buck Rogers has other plans for these thoughtless henchmen and will do anything he in his power to stop them in their tracks

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