Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Review & Commentary on The Unofficial FASA Galactic Time Line As Stars Without Number Resource

"This is a timeline strictly limited to FASA’s interpretation of the Star Trek universe as presented in various publications for theirStar Trek: The Roleplaying Game. The primary sources used by FASA in developing their timeline included the original Star Trek TV series, the animatedStar Trek series, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Star Trek II: The Wrath of KhanStar Trek III: The Search for SpockStar Trek IV: The Voyage Home and to a very limited extent, Star Trek: The Next Generation . No attempt has been made to reconcile it with other additions to the Star Trek universe, such as Star Trek V: Final Frontier or Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country or any of the other novels, movies or television series’." 

 Years back Kellri put out this little gem of a piece of a 76 page timeline traces down the entire run of the Fasa Trek stuff. 
 From   Star Fleet doubles its patrols along the Romulan Neutral Zone, and 

establishes new, more heavily armed, border stations in reaction to the 
Romulan border attack of 2/0710 To The USS Constellation is scrapped. (TNG)
 Its all there & waiting for an Enterprising DM to use this FREE resource! That's right another Kellri freebie you can down load right from here! 
This  thing is perfect for the DYI Stars without Numbers DM who wants to go to town & really totally confuse, convert, & condaggle his players 
You can download it right from Here

Kellri is Scott Hover who deserves a bit more credit for all of the old school goodness he's created over the years. Currently he's over in Vietam teaching some awesome students. He says hi but has little time these days. Personally I'd like to thank him for all the work he's contributed to my games over the years. 


  1. More goodness of which I was unaware. Thanks Needles!

  2. We do try to bring you the goodness my friend!
    I'm going to be reviewing more of his wares the day after tomorrow.
    Hope you enjoy this one. There's more coming up. Thanks for the comment!


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