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The Metamorphica: A Book of Random Mutation Tables Review & Commentary

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 Introduction : 
Why didn't someone tell me that something like this existed? The Metamorphica: is a book of random mutations & so much more! This is well here: 
If your game has a need for random mutation tables and procedures for creating all sorts of mutant abominations or unnatural things, whether they are corrupt demons and unique monsters or strange aliens and new superheroes, The Metamorphica is the book for you. As a collection of biological, psychic, and supernatural mutations, all grouped into tables so results can be randomly selected using dice, this book is a system-agnostic resource for campaigns of such diverse genres as dark fantasy, four-colour comic book, post-apocalypse, modern horror, science fiction, transhumanism, and weird high fantasy. The Metamorphica contains over 650 individual mutations, all with their own descriptions; procedures for using mutations in four different campaign types; and procedures for creating aliens, demons, monsters, and mutant animals, humans, and plants. This is the pdf version." The Body of The Metamorphica:
The whole book is row after row of random tables of mutations. The book isn't simply edition neutral but truly game neutral as well. The whole is a collection divided into
a collection of biological, psychic, and supernatural mutations. These can be used to create any & I do mean any creature imaginable! There are no rules, bonuses, or hampering rules to trip up a DM. There is however an explosion of creativity. The author is another Warhammer fan. There's a flavor through out the piece that sings with a sense of humor & deep abiding weirdness throughout. Use the mutations with gusto! For a game of Carcosa this book is a God sent. It enables even more customization of the various cultures, Lovecraftian damnation, & the very animals found on the planet & its damned environs. For the family of Goblinoid Games this is a must have. Seriously this is a perfect addition on to the list of random mutations and custom fantasy based OD&D style monsters . The whole list of mutations makes for the more interesting campaigns where magic & science cross over again & again. Lets not even mention Realms of Crawling Chaos where the list will be used over & over again. For space based games like Terminal Space & the like this a great addition that can echo the gene manipulation by magic & those more sinister elder race's hands on approach to warrior design. How To UseThe Metamorphica For Your OSR Game As I've said this is possibly one of the best system neutral pieces of gaming I've seen. The conventions of space opera & science fiction enable a DM to generate quite quickly a butt load of aliens, monsters, menaces, & even biological weapons very quickly. Should a DM need a mutant horde there are tables for that as well. The whole thing reeks of the DYI spirit of the OSR. This is perhaps one of the better no professional products I've seen in recent years. The whole product is built for user friendliness.
Where can you get it? You can download the game book free here as a pdf Here

Get the pay version through lulu right Here because in the words of the author
"Yes, this is (essentially) a free book. But if you would like to not-so-subtly encourage future products of a similar nature, or just buy me and/or the artists a drink by way of thanks, feel free to donate whatever you feel is appropriate."
You can find out more details about this product through his blog right

Further details about the The Metamorphica are as follows. You can use this with any game! Any rpg with mutants can use this & what DM can't use more mutations.


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May 18, 2012
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  1. Yeah it really does rock! And no worries my friend! There's more stuff coming up!

  2. Yeah, I have been advertising that book too! I got it for my Gamma World/Mutant Future game, but the book has such utility, I can use it for about any game!

  3. Possibly one of the best books I've downloaded & printed out recently. Thanks for the comment Malcadon. More coming up tomorrow!


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