Sunday, November 4, 2012

D30 Random Lovecraftian Psychic Artifacts of The Talon Sector For Stars Without Numbers

D30 Random Psychic Artifacts Table
  1. Blue Crystal that humms & gives +1 on all psychic rolls 
  2. +1 Charisma pendant for all seduction rolls. Bits of blood & dried tissue on the chain
  3. Crystal eye allows one wizard's eye spell per OD&D rules once per day 
  4. Dried tongue +2 on Charisma rolls must be implanted in user though 
  5. Eyes of the Hunter ~allows anyone to use 1st level psychic abilities once per day. The user's veins begin to glow after each use 
  6. Skull of power ~ A crystal skull that detects psychics within 1d10 kilometers 
  7. Box of pain - Does 1d4 points of damage to the target within 10 meters 
  8. Crystal of Reduction ~ Targets takes 1d3 points of constitution damage unless save is made. The crystal screams each time its used. Usable 4 times per day. 
  9. Eyes of the Dead  Poet ~ Whispers 1d20 impossible secrets 
  10. Box of Opening ~ Opens vistas of unreality ~ teleports random bits of the target 1d10 meters randomly 
  11. Blue Gel ~ A tube of liquid event horizon
  12. A Ratoid Graven Image ~ This image allows the user to commune with a diseased alien rat god for 1d4 turns per day 
  13. Thorns of the Lizard King ~ Necklace That allows the user  to commune with the Outer Gods. 
  14. Spheres of the Lizard Kings ~ A set of spheres that allows the user access to psychic healing. Allows one to heal 1d10 points per day. Usable once per day, A set of four of these spheres 
  15. Tears of the Lizard Kings ~ Crystals that allow telekinesis up to 4 metric tons 3 times per day 
  16. Claws of the Goddess ~ +1 to all climb checks or 1d4 points of damage from the vibro claw aspect of these items 
  17. Twisting Paths of the Demonic Mother ~ A slate of alien rock that allows 2 levels of teleport abilities 2 times per day 
  18. Crystal ring  ~ +1 on all psychic rolls but grants the sound of Cthulhu rolling in his dreamless sleep each time it is used 
  19. Hand of the Red God ~ Allows telekinesis level one powers but the users appendages turn bright red 
  20. Book of Dyzan - The user gains 1d3 visions of the future once per day or visions from the dreaming alien god. 
  21. Prism of Colour ~ The user can summon once per week a Colour out of Space & control it 
  22. Map of the Doors ~ The user is allowed to teleport to 1d4 destinations once per day 
  23. Pyramid of Zom ~ Allows the user to gaze deep into the interstellar gulfs like a navigator & determine local conditions 1d20 light years away. Usable 3 times per day 
  24. Chimes of Ogg ~ The chimes summon 1d4 alien hell hounds of Cor once per day. 
  25. Sundial of Ur ~ The user gains telekinesis at 5th level with 1d4 random abilities that they have no idea how to control 
  26. Lens of Deception ~ Allows the user to see through psychic illusions & holograms once per day. The lens will mock the user with their darkest secrets though each time their used 
  27. Key of Thum ~ A key that opens a door to an alien hell. Once per day use 
  28. Staff of the Serpent's Tooth ~ Turns the user into a Draconian once per day. 40% chance of permanency each time its used. The user can also turn into 1d4 random alien races per day. There is 70% of never returning to your original form if the staff is used more then once per day 
  29. Skin of the Serpent ~ The user's mind is sent back to the First Wars & into the body of an alien soldier. 1d4 random alien each time this happens. The user gains the ability to recognize ancient tech level five equipment & knows how to use such 
  30. Diamond of The Alternative~ Diamond opens random alternative universe to the user . The user can teleport a space craft 4 times per day through these to their destination. The diamond can only be used once per day to these destinations or a demon will devour the fool. 

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