Thursday, November 29, 2012

Random Planar Vortex Table 1d10 For Old School Space Fantasy Games

Random Planar Vortex Table 1d10 
  1. The vortex echoes  through out eternity there is a 40 % of a traveler or demon coming through or the vortex could try to suck you in. There may be 1d4 minor Lovecraftian demons waiting for you 
  2. This isn't a vortex at all! Its a lure for the great god Arrothari'a the Forsaken One. He is looking for another minion & you'll do! Requires a strength & dexterirty check every other round. 
  3. Stable vortex leading across the planes. 40% check of getting lost along the way when the dimensional wind blows you off course. 
  4. The vortex is a dimensional inducing mutation factory please make a mutation check here! Save vs death or become a living cancer if you stay in the vortex for more then 1d4 rounds
  5. The vortex vomits 1d4 tons of alien flesh & bone any exposure requires a disease or poison saving throw as your PC is exposed to some really low nasty alien disease that will race through their system. Examples include the Red Death & many others 
  6. The vortex takes one random PC away unless a dexterity check but only one. They are lost among the winds 
  7. An alien horror beyond the pale of man scouts out your plane. Things such as Throur'ru The Wanderer a merc god roving the planes looking for prime meat for his Outer Dark masters. If the vortex opens for more then 1d3 rounds it steps through 
  8. The vortex is only a light show playing tricks on your PCs minds long with a dance number
    1. The vortex deposits 1d6 tons of alien machinery & dimensional floatsome on your plane there is a 60% of 1d4 artifacts 
    1. There is a full scale invasion force coming through the vortex. 1d1000 troops are coming ! Run! Now !  

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