Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Green Skeleton Gaming Haul!

Bill over at Green Skeleton Gaming sent me a box ! Not simply any box but a box of everything game related! This sucker kept on giving & giving  This was a gaming honey hole & I'm forever in his debt. At great expense he sent this out to me. See I don't have a lot of money like a lot of folks & its one of the reasons that I've had to be very creative when it comes to using the public domain resources & when it comes to getting through the OSR stuff that's out there. Bill is definitely one of the good ones along with all of you have supported this blog & me through the years! 
 This is what I was sort of expecting & this is what I got! Please visit Bill right over Here

Thanks very, very much Bill!


  1. That Bill is such a nice guy. What a haul! :)

  2. Enjoy! When I gave the UPS guy your address he said you must live waay out in the boonies! Glad the package made it to you. : )

  3. Yeah isn't it a great haul of stuff Jay! I'm stoked to go through all of this & review some of the stuff in this.
    I do live in the country & we don't have a decent hobby shop around here at all. The last really good one close over 4 years ago now. Thanks for everything man. All my best folks

  4. Very nice haul. Those comics look interesting. Bill is super cool. And now you have the proof.

  5. Why yes Tim I do & I'm planning on reading that proof as well. Very soon. The Haul was just great. Thanks for the comment & there's more to come.Reviews coming soon.


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