Thursday, November 8, 2012

Who's Who In The Universe -A FASA Star Trek Resource For Stars Without Numbers

 There are times when a DM needs a fast NPC & needs him or her right now! This book I'm about to give a link to can easily be used that way. I used this 20 page pdf numerous times for a SWN game when I needed some one to fill a role really, really, quickly. 
This a comprehensive listing of every one in the Fasa Star Trek universe. This a great non canon refernce work for the DM on the run. This is the type of thing that an serious DM whose using Star Trek elements in his or her game needs. The best part is that its free! You can down load the pdf right over Here.
 I'd like to thank Scott Hover for putting the time & effort into this bad boy. There's a lot of material in one solid easy to use place.  There's another one of these coming your way folks on Saturday. Thanks for your attention. More coming tomorrow! 


  1. I love the old FASA Star Trek! Still have many of the books, modules, ship manuals. I think one of the best parts of FASA Trek was "The Triangle". I wish that had become canon.

  2. Maedar Antocus - the Triangle kinda sort of is. The place was mentioned in passing in the Next Generation series. But only in passing. You would think that such an important area would be center stage but no lawyers have made that next to impossible now. Anyhow its a blue print of how to make an area of scum & villainy central to a campaign. Thanks for the comment & there's more to come.

    Bill so glad you liked it! There's more coming up man


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