Monday, November 19, 2012

Trancers ~ A new Monster For Your Old School Space Opera

Trancers are strange psychic undead zombies things. They are victims of  a criminal mastermind who use strange psychic powers to make people into zombies that carry out his every desire. Trancer Hunters can identify a tranced victim by scanning them with a special bracelet. All trancers appear as normal humans at first, but once triggered, they become savage killers with twisted features. Those who create such creatures seek out the weak willed or minded. Those under going a Tracer process must save vs death or become one of these horrid things. 

History Trancer guru and psychic mastermind, Martin Whistler from Mekon Seven is one of the founders of the Trancers movement. Following the events after Whistler's death & complete shunt to an alternative timeline. Whistler’s brother, Dr. E.D. Wardo (Trancers II) picked up right where his brother began. Wardo had began trancing mental patients and homeless people using an addictive drug from the future called Scurbosa, which he was growing in a nearby greenhouse using smuggled seeds from the future.
The Scurbosa steroid causes - 4 on Wisdom & Intelligence turning the victim into a near mindless berserk creature able to be directed by psychic powers over a 200 year time line range. The victims body goes into psychical overdrive as the various mental centers & organs begin to over heat from the inside out. 
The victim is only able to follow the simplest commands within 1d4 days after the infection of the trancer state takes hold. Complete destruction of the body  process of a trancer causes the strange radiations of the undeath state of the monster to completely disparate the corpse. This leaves only an outline of the victim behind. 
 The Trancer itself will try to devour or eat any human or near human they come across. 
The drug 
 Scurbosa causes the victims body to produce a virus that eventually causes a complete transformation into an undead state. This state ultimately evolves into a brand new breed of Trancers seen on the planet Orpheus. This process takes 1d4 months to complete. On Orpheus, there is an on going between the humans &  the never-before-seen vampire like Trancers called Nobles, as well as their fearsome leader, Lord Caliban.

Trancers can not only be found throughout time & space but in any alternative histories where the human or near humanoid races flourish.
Weaknesses: plasma
 powered gun called a “Heater” is often the chosen weaponry of those who hunt the Trancer & their creators. Energy weapons of all stripes may effect the zombie like monsters & even projectile weapons will damage the bodies of these monsters. 
Omega Braclets can identify a trancer by scanning the target  with such a  bracelet. A complex sensor lattice is able to cycle through the targets body & pick up any Trancer abnormalities in seconds. The braclet glows blue green to identify a Trancer 
 Trancers For Swords & Wizardry 
Armor Class:7(12)
Hit Dice : 1
Attacks: Weapon (1d8)

Saving Throw :17 
Special : Berserking, Able to be commanded by the psychic power of telepathy over any distance. 
Move: 12 
Challenge Level /XP: 2/30

Swords & Stitchery would like to thank Jack_Deth for keeping the various timelines & alternatives safe for all right minded galactic citizens. More information on Trancers can be found right Here
Trancers is a trademark of 
 Charles Band of Full Moon Entertainment & no copyright or trademark infringement is meant by this entry. 


  1. Cool! I loved it from the first sentence: "Trancers are strange psychic undead zombies things.

    Strange, indeed.

  2. We've got more Trancers action coming up soon! Warning Trancers is 80s cheese at its very insane best. Part noir send up, part zombie horror lite, & all screw ball goodness. Thanks for the comment


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