Friday, November 23, 2012

The Ho'cthactegy -The Slayers Of Men - A Lovecraftian Demon For Your Old School Space Opera

Valère Bernard, Le Sphinx~ 1896

The Ho'cthactegy -The Slayers Of Men 

Type: Other 
Armor Class:0(19)
Hit Dice : 8 
Attacks: Two Claws (1d6), Stinger(1d10 +Poison), Bite(1d10) 
Saving Throw :8 
Special:Infernal Poison Spray 40 Yard Range 
Move: 12 
Challenge Level/XP: 10/1,400

The Ho'cthactegy are the products of the mating of human royalty & the High Lords of the Outer Darkness. These monsters from the deepest nether hells of the psychic winds are kept in reverse for special occasions. These beings are called down to a world by the psychic discipline of 
Mmmaauakegot. The supplicant twists his mind around forty two truths of damnation & perversion.  The final outcome is reasoned madness beyond the furthest gates of the White Wall.
These things will come when a" final great truth" is betrayed. "The slayers of men" will accept nothing less then the sacrifice of a capitol city of a major space colony world. The bitch worm demonness will gate in her sisters to share in the feast of slaughter. They will not stop until every last being is dead or meat for these beasts.
 They attack with two claws that can rend steel, a bite powerful enough to rend a man in half, & a poison so foul that a save vs death must made when they sting a man. They also have an infernal poison that will render a man like bio acid. The foul pool of sludge they leave behind is very dangerous as well. 

The horror does not end there however. The monsters will befoul areas they have been summoned to with twisting poisons that will taint worlds for generations to come. The water tables, wells, ponds,etc. will all be drenched in their demonic foulness. This stuff will last 1d4 generations unless expensive super science techniques are applied.
There are rumors that certain techniques of primitive druidic rituals  may banish or clean these poisons from the very foundations of the universe.
Psychics have a 10% chance of telepathically shaming or dismissing these beings but a failed attempt means that they will attack out of pure malice or spite.

The Twisted Logic clerics & psychics of Mmmaauakegot are given over to the tender mercies of the The Ho'cthactegy for year & one day. These beings are hunted and killed by all right thinking sentients lest they call their mistresses down from between the dark of stars of damnation. 

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