Friday, November 16, 2012

1d30 Random Things Beyond That Air Lock Door Table For Your Old School Space Opera

File:Noordung's Three-Unit Space Station Concept - GPN-2003-00100.jpg

1d30 Random Things Beyond That Air Lock Door Table 
  1. A dead floating fossilized alien insectoid corpse with 1d3 alien artifacts. 20% of the thing coming to reanimated life. 
  2. Giant Lovecraftian Eye ball monster 3 Hit points & 1d4 damage from tentacles 
  3. A dead crewman in a random nations uniform. How did he get there ? 
  4. 1d4 alien warriors 1st level waiting for you! 
  5. Disabled robot with wiring still sparking & random lights blinking. 
  6. A space god artifact with many tendrils & strange sensors is  searching for something. Its throwing  at least 30 different strange spectrums of radiation  out!  Save vs poison right now ! 
  7. 1d4 random space gremlins that shoot past you & into your ship! 
  8. A random Corpse flash frozen is gliding towards your character! 1d3 random artifacts 
  9. A proboid robot 4 hit points unfolds itself & attacks the nearest adventurer entering the airlock! 3 hit points, 1d4 damage from energy tendrils, and a very nasty attitude! 
  10. A bunch of space junk & frozen debris floats right towards your head! 
  11. A shivering wreck of a person dressed in colonists gear is huddled into the air lock. He's rapidly losing consciousness 
  12. A giant plastic sheet covers the airlock. The first person through is enshrouded in the thing unless a successful dexterity roll is made. 
  13.  Oh No ! A Rolling, Floating, Giant Ball of Green Slime! 1d8 pounds of the stuff comes rolling through 
  14. A 3 point alien hitchhiker just teleported in & boy is he surprised your staring at him. He's gripping a towel & wondering what happens next. 1st level fighter/2nd level thief 
  15. 200 pds of  chocolate pudding come tumbling out onto you! 
  16. A security bot is staring at you & wondering why your PC is there. The questions begin immediately 
  17. A spacer is staring at your character with an insane look on his face & grinning from ear to ear 
  18. A radiation leak just started when you opened the air lock! Roll save vs poison right now! 
  19. 1d4 random pieces of sentient fungus are looking at you wondering who you are. 
  20. A strange silver cloud of nanites crowds around your head & tries to infect you! Roll save vs poison or your head becomes filled with an alien galactic commercial about used androids & weird music from hell! 
  21. 1d4 random space craft parts are found in the air lock! 
  22. A giant 200 pd shark is surprised as you are to see him! 
  23. A micro swarm of robots is waiting for your PC & calls him by name. They say that we have a job to do right now & you must come with them! 
  24. An empty space suit floats toward you & reaches out a gloved hand towards your PC 
  25. A large floating pile of space junk including lots & lots of alien porn flies towards you 
  26. A huge orge is waiting to bash your skull in. 5 hit point monster with 1d4 damage from a  sword 
  27. A 2 point face hugger jumps thought the air lock right at your face! 
  28. A little green man with a ray gun pointed straight at you asks,"What are you doing here?" 
  29. A group of space gypsy wait for you to join them. They have a proposition for you & have been waiting several months for your PC to show up! 
  30. A internal revenue agent of the galactic government is waiting for you to discuss a little matter of some monies owed to the empire. 3rd level fighter & expert thief armed with energy weapon. 1d4 random charges & 1d8 damage, 50 yard range 

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