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The Ururni-nothar -Those Who Float Down Stream - A Monster For Monstrous Monday For Your Old School Space Opera

From _L'Hermite de la Tombe Mystérieuse ou le Fantome du Vieux Château_ (1816) by Etienne Lamothe-Langon.
The Ururni-nothar 
Type :Planar Undead 
Armour Class:8 (11),with shield 7 (12) 
Hit Dice :3 
Attacks :Weapon or Strike 1d6
Saving Throw :17
Special:Constitution Drain 1d3 points per round. 
Challenge Level/XP: 4/80

Those who follow the foul craft of wizards piloting craft into the where the winds of limbo roar often suffer this fate but they are unaware of their own deaths. 
Those who become trapped between the Outer Darkness & the normal time space continuum suffer for eternity as entropy slowly bit by bit eats away at their mind & their very souls. They're vessels often become wrecks of time & space moving where the winds of fate take them.
Time ticks,ticks away for these poor damned creatures creating a hunger for that which they no longer have.. Life itself becomes their bread & their meat. And they do hunger for it.
These poor wretches can be encountered anywhere after a storm of time & space has happened. Countless strangely colored bodies wash up the shores of these places. A few haphazard souls may seem to have survived.
 The Ururni-nothar will attack the living with 1d4 days of being found. The hunger for the life force is far too strong & within 3 rounds they will unsheathe weapons & attack.
These monsters have a further horrifying attack. The hunger which drives them forward will manifest as strange bone & flesh shattering death grip. Upon a successful grapple attack the Ururni-nothar will begin draining the victim of blood & vital fluids as bone & flesh crack around their touch. The victim must save versus wands or become a victim of this horrid process. Those who even escape are subject to horrid wounds which fester & only heal with the application of powerful psionic powers. Victims of  the Ururni-nothar are easy to distinguish because of the strange spiral patterns to the scars of the monsters attack.
Wizards often summon the Ururni-nothar to divine the secrets of planes from the horrid wretches. A simple monster summoning spell will call forth 1d4 of the damned things. They are no longer men at all & subject to the controls of minor planar demons as well as their minor strengths. These monsters are subject to all the trappings of faith as per other undead but will regenerate within 1d4 rounds from damage.
 Many a demonic lord from beyond the pale will call forth these creatures to their nether hells. Their they are given over to a Thrall Lord (Type 3 or Type 4 demon) & sent back to lure others to their deaths. Often a great "treasure" is placed aboard the vessel of the Ururni-nothar.  The Thrall Lord gathers up "adventurers" to plunder the booty and they become simply more victims of the plot.
When the vessel is full of the undead it is sent back to the halls of the demon lord. It is said that Orcus himself is fond of this plot & rids himself of troublesome demons often this way. Often type B or C treasure is found aboard these horrid vessels of the Nether planes.

Note on use these poor wretches may be found anywhere & often sent by their masters on errands to many worlds or places. Upon Carcosa they may be found in the service of foul shattered wizards looking to use their knowledge of the Outer Darkness.
Within the Mutant Future they may be found within the wasteland where their vessels have crashed & they now hunger.
They are perfect for both Crypts & Things to act as henchmen or heralds of wizards searching the outer planes.
Within Terminal Space they could be a lure for a dungeon or hulk or simply an encounter.
They could even be used in Stars Without Number as a random mini adventure or encounter. For added menace add a magic weapon  or two that turns to dust when they are destroyed. 

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