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Echoes Of Doom ~ An Alternative Campaign Idea For High Tech Mysticism High & High Caliber Adventure

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I've been toying around with a campaign idea for this Marvel Super Heroes/Mutant Future mash up. Its 3 :00 AM & weird memories flood back into your head at this time. Back in the heady days of 1981 Days of Future Past were hitting the shelves & blowing the hell out of the minds of Xmen fans. My best friend at the time was a kid named Paul whose little brother was a comic book junky like the rest of us. His brother wouldn't let him near his comics but he wanted to know what the book was about. Paul said & I qoute, "The Sentinels win & wipe out the Justice League, the X-men, the Avengers, & only the Legion of Doom remains."
The poor kid was about 6 at the time & last heard after years of therapy is doing fine.
 The idea stuck though & through the years its remained there.
I could totally see this happening.
The Sentinels  go about wiping out every single hero until only the villains remained in Suicide Swamp. Running their schemes right under the robotic noses of the Sentinels.
A post apocalyptic craptastic world where only the mutants & super heroes are left to scrape by in a post apocalyptic nightmare land. 

 Mutation has continued & the world has kept pace as the New Mother Nature keeps pace with inhumanity. Murderers, monsters, & madmen are the new norm but the robotic monsters keep evolving as well. The various mutant monsters give the cybernetic organisms a run for their money.

Superman, & crew are all gone! The legend of the Batman continues as well as the Punisher but these are mysterious legends larger then life itself. The heroes explore, scrape through, & try to gain the technology of the lost ancient heroes who have come before them & the villains who were killed in the slaughter that followed.

 Say You Want An Evolution
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Earth 825 was an echo of the various Echo of Future Past storylines & Marvel Super Heroes even felt the pitch! The Days of Future Past storyline was one of the most successful of the 80s & 90s. You can read up about it right Here
There was even a spin of  the storyline in the Marvel Super Heroes game.
The Heroes in these modules are part of the underground movement/resistance blah blah Sentinels etc. Been there done that a million times. The Terminator vibe is up
Pimping Up The Game 

Imagine that Lex & company stumble upon this Earth with no heroes. What would they do? Settle into their old haunt of  Suicide Swamp & open the trunk of the Hall of Doom. Boom their in business selling energy weapons to the resistance. The PCs come in as gun runners or operatives there's a campaign. Who needs the Avengers or the JLA when you have so many money making schemes running right there?
The Nightmares of Future's Past had the Sentinels killing bus loads of mutants but also the Avengers,The Fantastic Four, Alpha Flight etc. As well as any other tight wearing bunch or loner they could get a hold of.
The world would welcome a bunch of opportunistic bastards out to make a buck. Hell knowing Luther he'd open a used Sentinel parts store chain on another world.
The PCs could well simply be mercenaries out to make buck on the pain & misery of others or are they?
Games like Mutant Future & Mutant Epoch certainly present any number of muties with powers & abilities of their own. Its not going to long before their going to want to help their oppressed brethren.
There's also the possibility of traveling to this hellish world in a quest for a piece of lost technology that the Sentinels possess that might be proved for the right price. There's also the idea of suicide style missions on worlds like Carcosa where there are pieces of high end tech sitting in the muck that could prove more bang for the adventuring.
 Take your average Labyrinth Lord/Osric party & there's endless possibilities for them to kick ass & take names. The restoration of the planet & the taking charge of the ministering to the masses ala the paladin orders comes right under this heading.
Lex & co are always going to be looking for more power houses to help fill the ranks that are killed in the name of profit & treasure. Labyrinth Lord/Osric parties offer three very nice things to the Legion. One they've got power, two their easily disposable  & they can be used like McDonald's franchises. Fast set up, manageable  & easy goal setting.
The fact is that these worlds & their alternatives are in bad shape & they've lots to offer. High adventure, cool technology, exploitable people, natural resources, & lots of opportunities to blast robotic torso. The pressure is off to be the good guys for a change. Or is it?
 Join The Legion today! See your local agent opportunities for a new life off world await you!
 The whole X series of Nightmares of Future's Past can be found right


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