Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Highway Men - Stars Without Numbers - Lost Ships, Tale Tails, & Pirate's Havens - Actual Thursday Play

After an almost 2 1/2 week hiatus my regular SWN game ~ The Highwaymen resumed tonight!  I started it off with a BANG a big bang as Apex Medical & Geofront Heavy Industries began the clean up from the destruction of the Stoneback's home world!
The crew had to dodge around asteriods & boiling hell in space. The whole thing was punched by the appearance of two Decker Class Transwarp Star Destroyers & a Hospital ship.

The PCs left in a hurry & to say the least that wasn't half of it. They were able to find a pirate hyperspace gate with a couple of very nicely done Nav rolls.
The destroyers didn't give chase because of  the asteroids. The players never spotted the hellish ore processing facility  dealing with the destroyed world.
Apex collected the warrior turtles for sale to gladiatorial games within the Corporate worlds. 

The PC's Jumped into hyperspace as quickly as possible & headed down into the five world system of the pirate haven. "The Furthest Star"
 Is a pirate haven of the most decedent type where naughty men deal in alien cargoes & strange wares

Pirate Haven Aka "The Furthest Star "
Pop. 400
AC:7 Hit Points: 60 
Five Spike drives & Gravity Drive Field
Ether volt cars transport
Antigrav Batteries 
Spinal Aircraft
Complete Star ship Dry Dock 
Full star ship market place 
Recovery & Salvage Drones

Almost immediately after docking the PC's were witnesses to a fire fight between 6 "space pirates" they got involved after a stray missile shot took out the cockpit of their ship! The PCs subdued or killed most of the "pirates"

After a careful examination of their ship it was discovered that a coolant & reactor leak had rendered their ride in very rough shape!
There's was about 3 million credits worth of damage to it!
Solution take the other ship!
After a careful investigation the space pirates actually turned out to be Apex Medical psychic hunters!
The ship was a relic that had been modified as a pychic weapon system on a planetary scale but burned out its victims!
Further investigation turned cages in the cargo hold for humanoid sided prisoners  Android handlers & an android ship's captain. The ship itself was running on almost complete computer control with a crew of  brain modified & rewired humans running the whole operation.
Apex was aware about the ship & was meeting up with an operative aboard the station under the guise of pirate.
Complications are thus : 
  1. There is an unknown psychic operative aboard the Furthest Star station. He or she is a completely unknown quality 
  2. The computer cores of the ship must be changed or the ship will take off on complete auto pilot for who knows where 
  3. There are several pieces of relic technology level five aboard ship, operation unknown. There's less then five systems running in the back ground. 
  4. In less then 24 galactic hours Apex will send a team of operatives to secure that relic ship! 
  5. Why did Apex destroy the Stoneback home world. What is the weird Martian connection operating in the campaign background. 
  6. Even if the PCs get control of the ship in 24 hours can they ever entirely trust it. 
  7. What is the Apex agenda for the party & why is it digging its claws deeper into the flesh of the Talon sector?

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