Monday, October 15, 2012

Expeidation To the Barrier Peaks Ending & A New High Caliber Beginning - Thursday Actual Play

It is now 7:30 & after only an hour there's been a final encounter! I've been running Expedition to the Barrier Peaks, the party is half dead due an encounter with a Mind Flayer. The PCs that are left are taking their loot & leaving! Now.. 8 players dead & only two have 
survived within one hour. The dice are cruel this evening.

The PC's gave a good account of themselves but the dice weren't in their favor tonight & I can honestly say that I'm very upset by this. There were other areas of the Warden that I prepared that will not be seen let alone the reactors. Sigh

I was just handed a copy of today's Waterbury Republican whose front paper reads " Severe Winter On the Way Are You Prepared!

They want a Snowpocalyptic adventure but they want it with modern or sci fi weapons. So it looks like mix of Mutant Future & Labyrinth Lord. Below is an inspiration for this campaign.
I'm resurrecting the 

High Tech Mysticism & High Caliber Adventures 

You can read some of what was to my players some of the most creative stuff I've done & some of the ideas that I'd laid out with my good friend Bill from Green Skeleton gaming right over Here
 The players are bringing their "A" game to this one & I've a lot more resources to bring to bare on this front! So its a matter of let the games soon being!
 So in case your wondering about The Castle From Beyond Time & Higher Reality. Take a look at the castle
The games begin next week with a snowbound castle, a party of adventurers, & a new beginning. 

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  1. Oh it wasn't for them! Wham the first hour their gone & the paladin sacrificing himself to keep that scourge from the kingdom!
    The second option however is going to be! Cannibal halfings, mutants, Marvel weirdness, oh my! More coming soon!
    Thanks for the comment!


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