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The Followers Of Staturnus - A Cult For Your Old School Space Opera

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The Followers Of Staturnus
Type: Human 

Armor Class :8(13) 
Hit Dice : 4 
Attacks: 1 Dagger or surgical instrument (1d4) 
Saving Throw : 13 
Special: Spells or Psychic powers 
Move: 12 
Challenge Level: 5/240
 May cast the following spells as forth level Magicians :
Magic Missile, Sleep, Suggestion
 The Rituals Of Staturnus 

  1. Contact other plane & Summon Others from The Outer Darkness 
  2. Raise Undead 
  3. Drain Magical Energy from Victims 
  4. Create Mask Of Deception & Identity
    Note : All of these rituals require the blood, sacrifice, & ultimately the death of the victim. 
Soldiers of Staturnus
Rank & File Of The Cult 
Armor Class:7
Hit Dice: 1 
Attacks: Weapon 1d8 
Saving Throw : 14 
Special None 
Move: 12 
Challenge Level/XP 

The Followers Of Staturnus are a vast web of intergalactic operatives that move across the universe using guile & tactics. Black sorcery is use to take down societies balanced on a knife edge from within.
The cult operates on the fringes of galactic society & travels from world to world. They become your friends, neighbors, & the people you meet every day. One would never guess they serve their devilish god of Chaos & Entropy.
They choose a moment of supreme vulnerability to strike at the weak points of their various targets. Kidnapping, ritual sacrifice, & psychic powers bordering on magic of the darkest sort are their hall marks.
The cult recruits operatives from the fringes of society & using the powers of suggestion & an extreme form of mental domination the fools are transformed into the highly efficient & strong left arm of the cult.
The followers then go on to kidnap their various targets. The eyes, tongue, genitals, ears, & certain parts of the brain are taken. A form of North Eastern Charka torture is then used on the victim. This drains the various vital flows of energy from the body all the while keeping the victim alive for maximum suffering. All of the while an operative of the cult is given these energies & the organs are transplanted into him. Thus giving him the  target's identity as well as bits & pieces of their soul. The operative becomes the victim in body & soul. He is not even aware on a conscious level who or what he is. All the while he carries out the pre programmed instructions of the cult. Neither telepathic nor super scientific examination will reveal the facade or  Mask of Deception.
The rest of the victim is rendered down for food to be sold to the masses. Birds of Deception as these operatives are known are also sold as high level wetwork operatives. The cult often works on the very fringes of criminal and down & out intergalactic society. There is always a demand for this type of operative.

The cult also makes & uses a primitive sort of energy dagger as a symbol of their office. These Flames of Staturnus daggers can burst into flame as a magic short sword. They are +2 weapons honed with molecular etching on the blades & take a standard energy cell rod. The plasma flame does 1d4 points of damage. The various designs & symbols of these weapons denote rank & office within this secretive cult.
The ultimate goals of this organization beyond chaos & entropy are unknown. They're is a strong suggestion that the cult has no other goal then to bring down intergalactic societies from within. They are willing to do so for a price. They're operatives often commit suicide rather then risk revealing any of the cult's deadly secrets
Any profits or treasure obtained by the cult's activities are funneled back into the circles of 

Staturnus. This treasure  often takes the form of treasure type B. The cult often locates its "temples" within the former bases of planetary military organization. They often meet when the moons of damnation are at there apex. This is on the third of every month. 

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